Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why is it that everytime...

I give 15 y/o a task to do he feels it will get done when he is ready??? We have guest coming at 3 this afternoon.  15 y/o has a fairly nice sized room with a queen size bed in it so we normally use it for when guest come. 15 y/o sleeps on the trundle bed in 4 y/o's room for the durations of our guests stay, although he doesn't actually use the trundle~ 4 y/o sleeps with me and hubby so his bed is always available for use no matter what!  At 7:15 this morning, I go in to start dusting the furninture and find the room is a mess~ clothes everywhere, books scattered, laundry half in/out of the bin, floor full of dust bunnies, and the linen is still on the bed with pillows strewn about the floor.... did I miss the part of the conversation that said "clean your room so that I can dust and put on clean linen"?   (that he didn't do) so at 7:15, I make him do it before he heads out to school~  HE gets an attitude???  I believe he has forgotten that it was only yesterday... about 7am, when he woke me and 4 y/o so that we can take him to the store to get candy for his friend who had a b-day... (grrr)

You know, when i was growing up, I don't ever remember NOT completing any task given to me whether it was washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, bedrooms.... If I was told to do~ you better believe it happened! no questions of "why do I have to always do it?" or my favorite... "NOW?"  I just never questioned anything I was told to do.  I enjoyed my allowance (on time) I enjoyed my freedom to hang out with friends, talk on the phone until the perscribed time (9pm), I enjoyed being able to go hang out at the teenage spot on the weekends, and I wanted to keep enjoying those fun things.  that's why I made sure all of my chores were completed on time, homework always completed, curfews never misses... I enjoyed the freedome that was given to me from making the right decisions and doing the task that were asked of me.

It is now 7:49am, the room is clean, the trash still hasn't been taken out, instead of putting the laundry in the bin, it's been shoved under the bed and pushed inside the closet (doors shut nice and tight), and the bagged items he wanted me to take to the thrift store are still laying in the garage (vice in the truck where I told him to put them..)  I don't think I asked him to do much when he arrived home from school yesterday (about 4-ish)

But that's okay, tomorrow is allowance day, he normally gets 15 dollars a week but, I think I'll keep the $7+ he owes me for buying the candy, then I'll charge him $5 for taking out the trash, carrying the bags for the thrift store to the truck, and putting the laundry BACK in the bin instead of shoved in the closet and under the bed... so that leaves him what... $3? 

that's a fair price, no???

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A Heron's View said...

You are quite right, hit him in the pocket -sometimes that is the only way to get a message across.