Thursday, December 31, 2009

What did you do to bring in the New Year?

While many took the time to give thanks to God for the passing new year, or dolled up for a night out at the bar/club, my new year started early and was enjoyable all around.

I have not went out to celebrate bringing in the New Year for 10 years now, instead, I make sure to give my phone number to friends and family so that they can call me should they decide to drink while they party in the New Year.  For me, this day started a bit earlier than normal, I woke at 5a.m. to take hubby to the airport, (he is the best man in his close friends wedding..)  He appeared to be down about me not being able to tag along but he's a big boy, he'll be fine :-)  One of my good friends came down from New York with her two boys for a mini vacation.  We met up with some ladies we both worked with at our last place of business and had dinner, did some grocery shopping and then headed home for the night.  We enjoyed the warmth of the house, the sound of the kids playing in the other room, television, and talking of the old times as well as new.  Talking made reflect over the year that was slowly coming to a close.

Unfortunately for me, I missed the first 6 months of it... well not really missed, I wasn't home to enjoy the first part of the year with my family.  I was on a 6 month deployment onboard USS Dwight D Eisenhower...  I guess you could say I was with my "extended" family.  During this time I made new friends with some of the young ladies on the ship who are complete opposites of me~ knowing them has helped me become a more rounded person.  My job as drug and alcohol advisor helped me overcame my fear of speaking in public, I also found that I had a part in the decision of many young people on their choice to drink alcohol and the importance of being responsible adults and making good decicisions when it came to drugs, alcohol, careers, school, relationships... when i think about it, I spent those six months being a good co-worker, mentor, and all around friend to many, that is a good feeling (I'm smiling)

The last 6 months of the year have been the biggest challenge for me yet.  I am home... home to stay.  I have learned that time with family is such a precious gift.  The days, months, and years lost can not be retrieved but I'm lucky to play catch up.  I've found that my 15 y/o still has alot to learn about what happens outside the comfort of his home inside of our quaint section of Western Branch.  Spending time with him has given me the inside scoop of his love for Anime, trading cards, dueling games, and video games... dislikes school to the point he won't put for the effort to even try.  Being home has given me the chance to dig deep with him, ask questions, help him understand the importance of not giving up, trying harder even when you don't think you can succeed.  I found low self esteem and the need to be accepted, I am thankful to be home at a time when he really needs a mom around to guide him in the right direction.  I have learned that my 4 y/o never runs out of energy, has somewhat of a temper, very sacarstic (for 4) and loves Tom and Jerry almost more than mom.  He showers me with hugs, kisses, and I love you's. 4 y/o was completly aware of my absence from home, I can hear when he wakes in the middle of the night, his footsteps as he run from his room to the living room, the sound of the curtains being pulled back, possibly looking to see if moms truck has disappeared only to return days, weeks, possibly months later.  When I wake in the middle of the night for a bathroom break, he grabs me by the arm and says "don't go to the sea mom" which tells me he is afraid that my presence home is only temporary and soon to end.  I know my husband truely appreciates and loves me.  He appears happy to have me home and is supportive of the many ideas i have come up with over the last few months in an effort to work from home since I retired... he loves to work out, is concerned about the health of our family and wants to make sure we are all comfortable and safe, He continues to explain to 15 y/o that he may not understand any of the speeches but he will appreciate the lessons when he is older (15 y/o still responds with rolling eyes).  I loved reconnecting with my sister and enjoy our quick chats and short text to one another.  I enjoy my talks with my cousin Tommy as he tries to convince me to drive trucks for a living.  I have enjoyed visiting foreign countries, volunteer work while learning the culture around me in the countries I have visited,  and meeting my husband in Portugal for my last stop of my naval tour.  I ended my 2009 in the company of my friend Sam and the sound of young children at play and HGTV in the background.  I finished my last book of the year, posted my last blog, and finished the night off with two calls from hubby wishing me a happy new year... Another safe new year has past, and the new one lays ahead.

Good-bye 2009, Hello 2010.  May you all have a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year filled with new hopes, new opportunities, and new beginnings.  Enjoy family and friends, and all that life has to offer.

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