Thursday, January 21, 2010

Turning a hobby into a business???

I have been doing research on gift baskets for about 6 months now, although I have not actually put my research in play, I have continued to make my baskets for b-days, small business thank-yous, showers, and special occasions for my friends and family.  I temperaroly put my future business on hold to take care of home and start my job search (but not putting it to far on the back burner) 

I guess what really got me back on track was texting to my friend Angelica.  She is about to embark on the candy/gift basket business as well and the items she showed are sure to win over customers from around the world!  (did I mention how awesome and delicious her items look???).. I need to get her on here to show her work... back to what I was saying~ talking to her made me think about the direction I needed to head back in... (Thanks Angelica~ I still have more to share with you, as you do with me!!!) 

I know I am no where near close to the professionals, but, I think research and starting with a product and name is the best beginning point,  no???  Even the professionals started at the bottom at one time or another!

I think over time, one can imporve on their skills and make a profitable business out of a hobby, for those of you out there with ideas of ways I can improve and advice on how to break into the business (the right way), I would really like to hear from you!!  I don't plan to become anyone's competition or even a success overnight, I think the first sale I ever make will be the best feeling a person starting fresh will remember for a lifetime~ To turn something I love into something that helps me work from home and spend more time with my boys will be an accomplishment all it's own... I don't think that's to much to ask for... is it??? 

I took a few pics of the last few baskets I did over the holidays for my sitters and a few other important ladies in my life.. all comments/advice/"constuctive" criticism is welcome!  :-)

This is one of my many favorites... every girl loves bath gels and the accessories that come along with it so I did for one of the my sitters.  A simple gift basket of gels, lotions, sprays, and other bathing items.

This is how it looks after I wrapped the tin.

For another sitter (you can't have to many!) another gift set of bath accessories.

Wrapped in plastic.

This was my favorite.  One of the girls who sits my 4 y/o ALWAYS has a new type of lip gloss on.  So for her, I decided to do a cosmetic basket that consisted of lip balms, glosses, a mirror, and a nifty little caboodle to store all of her make up items in to keep everything together.  She loved the basket (loved the gloss more even!)

wrapped for delivery.

For the nail queen, sitter #4 (like I said, you can never have to many)... A manicure set with lotions, exfoliants, and polishes of colors she will definately love to show off!!!

This basket was put together with true affection and respect for a person who really helps me look within myself and see beyond the basics of who I am.  I truley enjoy any and all the time I spend with her.  She is an inspiration to many and a special part of the community I will become more involved with in my future days in the city "for lovers".  I really enjoyed making this basket and hope it received all the love that was put into it!

This last pic is just to show how much I enjoyed putting this basket together... I can't wait to get a new, more professional working camera.  I love taking pictures of the creations I make and think I love love providing them to those who wish to have them in the future!

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