Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tostones de Plátano (ummmmmmmmm)

The day seemed to fly by me, it felt as if I woke up and it was time for dinner all of a sudden!  I headed out to get new base decals for the car forgetting I had gotten a new windshield several months ago so, I only received numbers and base information, no serial number for the stickers.  ughh, it sucks waiting in that line for decals~
went to the base anyway to do my grocery shopping, I normally save at least 50 bucks or more shopping there (wish i had my coupons) not sure where my mind was today but I went without anything~ not even a grocery list, good thing I had my trusty blackberry in hand.  It still had last months grocery list so i worked from what was there and got what ever else I knew I would need.... all except for the gandules...

I wanted something different tonight so I made Tostones de Plátano, carne de cerdo frita, and arroz con gandules... I love so many ethnic dishes (maybe it has something to do with all of my friends: Columbian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, French, Asian, African, Indian... I love my diverse group of friends!)  oh, as I was saying, I wanted arroz con gandules but ended up with something more like arroz con "frejoles negros"...  Although gandules was on my original list of things to buy (you know... the list I left at home...) I had to make substitutes... Frejoles negros worked out just fine~

Hubby broke open a bottle of Salice Salentino for us to enjoy while we cooked together (i love when we cook together!)  Dinner was so good and I have enough for tomorrow's lunch.. (yum!)


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