Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To A Heron's View...

I say thank you for the advice with 4 y/o! (I love good advice!)

I think it is safe to say 4 y/o appreciated me not coming in to wake him every few minutes ;-)  I did manage to get him to eat 2 small spoons of icecream that he said was so yummy!  but in the same sentence he asked me to "get out now and close the door"

unfortunately I had to take him to urgent care because I wasn't able to get him to eat anything other than the two spoons of icecream- water was completely out of the question...  One doctor advised an IV to prevent further dehydration, another felt we could get around the IV by providing a shot of penicillin and about a tablespoon of steroid medicine to take away much of the inflammanation that was keeping him from eating.  Today 4 y/o is up and moving!  for breakfast he had oatmeal, cereal, 2 cups of yogurt, a cinnamon roll, and water non stop!  I took him in for his follow up and they were shocked to see that the red cheecks and arms were now pink in color, temperature under 100, and he actually spoke to the doctors when they asked him questions. (lol)  Athough he is still a bit groggy and tired from the long weekend, it's nice to see he is feeling better, eating, drinking, and moving around.  I feel happy~

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