Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday fun in the kitchen

Still working on my kitchen, I have achieved the dark chocolate color i wanted for my cabinets but have run into another problem.  Because I HAD to have a wine cabinet at the end of the current cabinets, we have to make repairs to the back section of the wall.  It had to be extended another foot and a half (no problem) and painted to match the rest of the kitchen... problem..

When I buy paint, I make it a habit of keeping the lid (that has piant info labeled on it) so that if i have to make any repairs/touch ups, I can refer to the lid and have the paint store color the amount I need.  While I was on my 6 month deployment, hubby cleaned out the garage so I have had no luck matching the green "granite" textured paint on the extended section of the wall.  so the search is on, and so far no luck, any suggestions?

At any rate, I have achieved the dark chocolate cabinets I visioned when I started the project... I know, I know, it looks just like it did yesterday but it IS a different color!! really!!!

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