Tuesday, January 5, 2010

this day

was laid back and relaxing.  Skipped breakfast with 4 y/o, I had a red pair and a glass of orange juice 4 y/o had the usual and kept asking if I was hungry... Dropped him off at daycare, went to zumba, rushed home to shower and headed directly to the airport to pick up hubby.

he looked exhausted, looks like he didn't get enough rest~  picked up 4 y/o, had a talk with 15 y/o about self esteem and trying harder vise "letting it go".  Made chicken cesear salad for dinner, helped 4 y/o take a bath, read him a book, and then sat next to hubby to read my book while he watched PTI.  5 minutes after i sat down he fell asleep.  So i turned off the t.v. and told lets call it a night...

That was at 9:04pm..

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