Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow day

I woke about 2 this morning to turn down the heat in the house, the news predicted snow so I took a look out the window to see if we actually got any~ there was no snow, 15 y/o still awake watching t.v, I told him to turn off the t.v an go to bed.  I checked to make sure the doors were locked and got back in bed.  At 7 or so, the house felt hot again~ went to check the thermastat, which was still set at 65 (maybe it's ME who is hot..) since I was up I figured I'd make coffee and breakfast for hubby and company.  The window directly over my kitchen sink let me know that it had finally snowed sometimes after 2 this morning...

4 y/o came in the kitchen just as I was putting the coffe on and noticed the snow, he was so excited he yelled "look mommy! snow, can we go outside? please? please? please?"  I put on clothes, dressed him and at about 7:20am, we were outside~ I believe we were the ONLY people outside, it was so very quiet.  The streets had no tracks, the only sound were the birds chirping and the snow crunching under out feet.  We stayed outside for about 30 minutes and then headed in for coffee, hot chocolate, and oatmeal.  4 y/o kept asking "can we go out later?" I told him we would after I finished making breakfast for the guys.

4 y/o kept me to my promise, after breakfast he asked if I was ready to go for a walk... (not really but..)  We dressed again and headed outside.  I have missed the last 3 winters due to either being deployed or out to sea for a long period of time so I brought my camera to capture the beauty of the snow we always hear about but never see.  4 y/o lead the way..  Normally he wants to walk around the block but opted for just going down to the cul-de-sac so he could see the water (thank goodness!)  He also kept complaining that the falling snow was sticking to his eyelashes, but he loved how it felt on his tongue.

I was able to get pictures of the lake from far back (didn't want to walk to close with 4 y/o)

Flowers that were growing along the side yard.

The berry tree that 4 y/o always pulls down to the ground to show us just how strong he is...

We have lot's of trees, bushes, and flowers that grow around the house....

My neighbors have the cutest red barn shaped shed that I love to take pictures of as the seasons change.  This is the first time I have been able to get it as the backdrop after a snowfall!

oh wow!  US postal services still continue! I guess federal holidays are the only days they take off...  This should cheer up hubby and his buddy who were waiting for pistons that were shipped overnight from California...

My shed has been the focus of alot of the pictures I take.  I took one a few weeks ago when it called for snow but it was only "dusted" by a few flurries and that disappeared almost 30 minutes after I took that picture! 

Such a great walk, but now 4 y/o is over the snow and ready to go back in "where it is warm"  What a beautiful day this turned out to be!

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