Wednesday, January 27, 2010

slow, quiet day~

after the trip to the store this morning I kind of mulled around the house looking for things to do.. made a list of things to do for tomorrow and the menu for the weekend.  Hubby will have a friend up so that they can rebuild a motor for a motorcycle which means bringing lunch, drinks, snacks, and what ever else will be needed for the weekend build.
4 y/o is still a bit sluggish for some reason, lost a few pounds... his pants are hanging off of his already to small butt~ we didn't turn on a t.v. today, just sat on the couch and listened to him talk nonstop, nap, lay his head on my lap, smack his lips twice (which indicates he needs a kiss on his lips).
at about 2 he asked if he could use the computer, I logged him on.  while he played his game, i hung new shades in the sunroom which hubby did NOT like... but once the valance is up I think he'll fall in love with the results.
Prepared dinner, bathed 4 y/o, didn't get to read him a book~ he was really whiny during bath time and complained about everything, refused to get dressed so I told him if he didn't get dressed he couldn't come out of his room... 30 minutes later I walked back to find him in the bed with his underware on his head, and his bottom bare under the covers... His skin is still very itchy from having scarlet fever, he is probably not wearing any clothes because his skins is still itchy and may feel prickly under his pajamas.

No I'm about to sit down to watch Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations with hubby and then call it a night.  There is alot to do before company starts to arrive tomorro evening for the upcomiing build..  Good night

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