Sunday, January 17, 2010

One more full work day...

before the cabinets have to be completed.  The weather was wet and humid, about 58 degrees... paint and humidity do not mix very well, sanding is a challenge and drying times are longer than normal.  I am actually down to the last step of the process... paint, but i have to give the primer the proper amount of drying time before painting.  I have spent most of the day not wanting to do anything, the rain is falling heavily and making me more tired by the minute.

(Photo curtesy of ABC world news)

The television has been on the news most of the day with updates on the devestation in Haiti, it's such a heart breaking sight to see, the pictures of the children, bodies who will not be afforded a proper resting place, orphans who by the grace of God came out of this casualty unharmed but are victims to gang members and looters looking for food and willing to take from the mouth of those who are so young.  It's crazy how something like the news can bring one back to the realities of the world. I have spent the last few days in my happy comfortable household with simple concerns of dirty dishes, updating a kitchen,  what to wear to dinner, complaining about why my shower is not hot, how much money do I take out for the sitter, etc and less than 1300 miles away there are people with no place to live, limited fresh water, a death toll that continues to rise.  I keep hearing how the whole world has come to the rescue but when the cameras scan the area I see Americans, soldiers, rescue workers, medical workers.... Americans.  I have heard that some other countries are there but I'm not sure what they are doing.  "donate to the cause" We (Americans) have been, for years, but we need to donate more... where are the millions that have been coming since the last disaster?  I hear about corruption, bad government... I start to wonder, has anyone noticed that many of the government buildings have collasped~ completly? 
I applaud the calm of the country as a whole, looting is not tolerated as stories unfold of people in the community who took a looter from police and burned him in the streets for his wrongs... doesn't make it right but sets a tone of what will not be tolerated.  They want to be helped.  I pray for the families of my Haitian friends who still wait for word on their loved ones and pray that the supplies that wait in the air field for distribution will soon be sent out to those who need it in an organized, yet safe way.  Our soldiers and sailors will be the ones helping with these efforts and safety may eventually become a concern as we saw from the destruction of hurricaine Katrina. 

While watching Fox news this evening, Mike Huckabee said something that I found interesting 

"United States seems to be the punching bag for the nations of the world most days, we are called everything from imperialist to war mongers and worst..  But once again in the face of a horrible human tragedy, it's Americans who show up first, do the most, and expect the least in return.  Wheter it's a tsunami in Asia, a famine in Africa, or an earthquake in Pakistan or Haiti.  The world knows that, while the Chinese might export cheap consumer products and the Saudis might pump oil from the ground and sell it to the world, and Argentina might ship some beef for the world's market place, that when it comes to a time of human tragedy, it's the United States that will export it's most precious commodity, it's generosity.  Within hours of the horrific earthquake that hit Haiti, Americans were pouring record donations into the relief efforts to orginazations like the red cross and the salvation army.  The United States military dispatched ships, planes, and thousands of personnel to the scene.  American relief workers lined up to go to Haiti and risk death and disease to help desperate people they don't even know.  American companies gave, not just millions in cash but, valuable logistical assistance and expertise.  I realize that other countries are helping in providing resources but, the next time some pipsqueek punk politician like Hugo Chavez or Iran's nut job of a president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whines about how evil we are, we ought to tell them to put up or shut up!  I'm always proud to be an American, but when a calamity stricks anywhere on the planet, and I watch how Americans respond with money, manpower, meals, and medicine, I'm even prouder.  When the earthquake struck, America went to Haiti, as for our critics.. they can go to hell"

hmmm, what do you think?

As I sit on my laptop typing out my concerns I keep asking myself, "what can I do to help?" what can I do? donate, send more money, volunteer... Any help I can provide is more than none at all, but still I will pray... for recovery, new life, a safe haven for those currently without....


A Heron's View said...

Well now! Ireland is a small country with a population of
four & half million. We have had an aid team in Haitia of 18 people for a long while, before even this last disaster.
Our government funds overseas projects to the tune of millions and we work with the UN around the world. So pro rata Ireland is doing more than her fair share in attempting to make a better world and with less noise!

GRLzair said...

It has not gone unnoticed! after I listened to the comments from Mr. Huckabee. I found myself confused about what he was sayingm, I also found his statements interesting mainly because world news reports help coming in from many different places... As prior military, I have had the opportunity to work along side several different military women/men from other nations with relief work, training, among other things. I was curious to know what others thought of the comment made by Mr. Huckabee... I'm glad you responded! it's nice to know that someone actually reads my blogs AND responds!
:-) Thanks for the comment and enjoy your day A Heron's View!