Friday, January 22, 2010

Magazine junkie

I am almost positive that is what I am~  The magazines range from parenting, to health, to home decor, small business opportunities, scrapbooking... you name it I read it!  I remember way back when I picked up my first magazine (seventeen) I never wanted to get rid of the old issues so they would stack up and make a pile of clutter at the bottom of my closet. As I got older and into a place of my own... by myself, I got into home decorating~ these issues were even harder to part with!  Once I met my husband I wanted to try all kinds of recipes for him so food magazines soon became my weakness.  crazy magazine lady!

 The thing I use to complain about with magazines was the number of subscription cards that would fall out all over my house... but never thought about subscribing to any (hmm)  one day I actually looked at one and noticed I could get a year subscription for cost of one... sometimes TWO magazines purchased off the news stand at regular price, this is when the magazines really started to pile up, I was saving money on the magazines I was getting in the mail but losing space where they were piling up because I didn't want to get rid of them... just in case I needed to find something in one of them down the road.  crazy magazine lady!

I'm over that now, if i find a recipe I like, I can now scan it and put it in my recipe folder on my computer.  If there is an idea that catches my eye I ask "do i really need to change what I have now?" the answer is usually no, if there is an exercise that i want to try or like, I scan the article and save on my computer (again) and delete it once I have it to memory.  Now I donate the old magazines to my son's daycare and the public library, or my friends will take the ones they want to read home with them.  This helps cut back on the pile of magazine clutter that would normally occupy one corner of my dining room.  It's really clean in there now (imagine that)  I think it's time to cut back even further by not renewing any subscriptions.  I have found that there are at least two magazines that give me everything I want from cover to cover~ recipes, decorating/storage ideas, health and exercise tips.  It's nice to know that I am well on my way to not being the crazy magazine lady I once was.... not to mention my dining room actually looks like a dining room and not a magazine storage area anymore!

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