Monday, January 25, 2010

little boy...

still didn't want to get out of bed today, I checked his tem it was at 99.. much lower than it has been over the last few days.  I was able to get an appointment this morning so I took him in.  His temp by the time we got there had risen to 101.3, his cheeks were red along with red lips, red ears, red arms, the works.. my sweetie has had a tough weekend.

I have not had the opportunity to take care of 4 y/o or 15 y/o over the last 4 years due to my time spent in the Navy which kept me away from home more than normal, so hubby has been dad and mom for the last 4 years taking care of childcare, sickdays, school issues, home, the works... so 4 y/o's fevers and red skin have me running in circles asking non stop~ "should I take him to the hospital?" "a cool bath is good right?" "shouldn't he drink more water?" all the while hubby is calm and laidback telling me to "relax, after day 3 if he isn't up and running or his fever hasn't broke, then you take him to the doctor"

I took him to the doctor today...  20 minutes in the appointment the doctor says "I don't even have to swab him or take blood to see whats wrong, he has strep throat... Those rough red splotches on his skin are a result of the high fever and strep" (aka scarlet fever) When I hear scarlet fever I think of a childhood illness that took the lives of many young children due to the lack of treatment/antibiotics... Thanks to medical research and science, there is now treatment to help rid the body of the harmful bacteria that causes the illness... I'm getting back in the swing of being mom, but mom is turning out to be a a big job that I have alot to catch up on!

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