Sunday, January 3, 2010

lazy day

My plan was to stay in for the 27 degree day, it almost worked~  I did my normal routine of oatmeal, toast, and orange juice with Landon.  Then we watched a Tom and Jerry marathon.  Hubby called several times to give me an update of the wedding and reception (as well as pictures- he looked so handsome!)

I decided I wanted a glass of wine but was happy I did not drink one!  My friend Alexa called to let me know that her flight from Dallas to Norfolk was cancelled and she would need me to pick up her sweetie from the airport.. which is about 25-30 minutes away from my house.  His flight arrived at 7:20 so I had a little less than 2 hours to finish dinner for the boys, get them dressed (because we relaxed in sweats all day), and hurry them out the door.    We picked up at 7:30, dropped off at almost 8, came home, showered, and then called it a night.

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