Friday, January 8, 2010

It's not ceviche but better!

I know it doesn't look appealing but... This is a dish that has found a spot in my recipe box!  It is prepared the same way you would prepare ceviche but instead of using fish or shrimp, you use beef.  Anyone who knows me (well) will tell you I prefer my steak bloody and warm when it comes to the table, so I guess for them- me eating such a dish would not surprise them one bit.  I cut a 7oz filet mignon into very thin strips, whisked together 2 tbsp of lemon, 4 tbsp of olive oil, and garlic, pepper, thyme, sea salt (all to my (& hubby's) taste.  I poured the lemon mixture over my meat, covered it with plastic for about 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes in the lemon marinade (which cooks the meat), I piled the yummy goodness on a plate with slivers of parmesean cheese, seasoned potatoes, and bread. Although I thought it tasted absolutely marvelous, 14 y/o sneered his nose at it and hubby just could NOT get past the cold meat (or the texture) for some reason.... So, I ate half of the dish and sauteed the rest for the boys.  14 y/o still did not want to eat it even after I cooked it, said he didn't like the lemon taste on his meat.....

I know the meat looks raw and unappealing to those who prefer their beef "well done", but it is actually cooked!  It is served at room temperature (due to the way it is prepared) which is unpleasant for some but oh so yummy to me! (mmmm)

You can eat this dish directly from the plate (which is good) but I prefer it topped on either ciabatta or focaccia bread (with a delicious red ;-) it is an absolute treat!  I just wish hubby and 14 y/o thought the same thing!

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