Saturday, January 9, 2010

It snowed!!!

Okay, maybe not... but by the sound of the news we were going to have one of the worst snow storms ever!  this is the normal weather broadcast in our area, flooding, snow storms, mass hysteria.  I do understand that these things will come our way one day but when I look at the weather screen and see pink, blue, and white everywhere but in my area, I don't get to frazzled... hurricanes~ now that's a different story, they are very unpredictable (like toradoes) and can change course with little to no warning what so ever.  Snow... I'm not sure about that one, I've seen maybe one icestorm in the 12 years that I have been in the area, it was bad... downed trees, dangling electrical wires, and the threat of frost bite if we couldn't get our generator working for heat... wow, when you think about it, snow is almost as dangerous as any of the elements mother natures brings our way.  Unfortunately for many in our area, there was a 2 hour delay in starting their work day.  School kids were excited, they were able to sleep in and find no snow anywhere in sight when they finally rolled out of bed.  14 y/o wasn't as lucky, our school district didn't budge and will not make a call of delay until the weather conditions have been verified to be unsafe~ 14 y/o... not happy.

Hubby got up on time and carried on with his normal routine, left for work, came home early not feeling to well (I warmd him some chicken noodle soup) he rested for about an hour or more and then we went to Marva to pick out the granite that will cover our new island and counter tops, even though he didn't feel to well, he enjoyed this trip and was glad he got off the couch to make it.  We picked up a few DVDs from the video store, got a bottle of red wine, hummus, and naan bread, picked up 4 y/o and headed home for the evening.. sat on our laptops and chatted for a few hours and then headed to bed... good day~

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