Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm ready..

to call it a day. Little boy and I cleaned house most of the day, he got upset with me about his lunch and disappeared in my room to watch t.v.  about 15 minutes later I went in to my room to check on him and he was tucked under my cover sleeping.  While I was cleaning the dining room he came down the hall and said "mom, can we go to the park?"  I put away all of my cleaning items, dressed both of us in sweats and light jackets, and drove down the street to the park.  He played for about 40 minutes than told me his stomach was making funny noises, I asked if he was hungry, he said yes, I told him your stomach is growling for food.
he giggled...

We came home had lunch and both of us settled down on the couch to watch cartoon network.  Hubby called and told me to open the garage door for his friend who was in front of the house, I opened the door just as he was backing in.  Hubby arrived 30 minutes later, they unloaded the motorcycle and parts for the motor and got right to work.  They have been in the garage working away the day (and will work well into the wee hours of the morning...)  I was planning on cooking a quick and easy man sized meal for the guys but they all decided to take a break and go down the road for mexican food (whew~)  I declined the ride to eat and was treated with a nice big bowl of chicken chimichanga witch was good as always.
Now I'm about to put 4 y/o to bed for the night~ I always make sure to stay in the family room (since it's close to the garage) until all work outside is done.  That way, I can hear any yells for water, small fingers to pry out lost parts, snacks or most importantly, emergancies.  So I'm heading back to get my blanket to lay on the couch until hubby comes in from working in the garage for the night...

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