Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm dragging

I'm so tired.... 15 y/o waited until this morning to tell me he wanted to get a gift for some girl at school... when I asked why he said "she's a friend" when I asked what kind of friend he said "she's just a friend".
me: so you want me to get out of bed and take you to the store BEFORE school to get a gift for 'just a friend'?"

15 y/o:  "yes"
me: "why didn't we do this last week? or the weekend? or yesterday?"
15 y/o: "I don't know"
me:  "what do you suppose is open at 7am?"
15 y/o:  "Walgreens"
me:  "you plan to buy a female friend a gift from Walgreens?"
15 y/o: "she really loves the Ghirardelli chocolates so I want to get her some, I know they have them at Walgreens"
me:  "hmmmm"
me:  "do you plan to put them in a gift bag or anything? buy a card?"
15 y/o:  "no, just candy"

Me and 4 y/o get up, get dress, and drive to Walgreens with 15 y/o.  Get inside the store, he gets the candy (I bring a gift bag and card from my stock pile at home) he gets to the register, she rings him up, gives him a total of $7.42, he looks at me....

me:  "what?"
15 y/o:  "I'm going to need you to pay for this..."
me:  "really?  where is your money?"
15 y/o:  "I needed to go to the bank but it's not open yet"
me:  "let me get this straight, not only do you have me and your 4 y/o brother out in the cold, at 7:22 in the morning buying candy for a girl who is just 'a friend'.... you want me to pay too???"
(girl at the counter giggles)
15 y/o: "it's only $7.42!"
me:  "don't worry, I'll take it out of your allowance Friday"

15 y/o thinks about putting the items back, whines it's only $7.24, then takes his purchase and leaves me and 4 y/o standing at the register to pay.  When we get back to the truck he is sitting inside with bottom lip poked out, sulking about why it has to come out of his allowance~  he has yet to understand that he will be an adult soon (3 years) and he still does not understand that this security blanket of money, a warm house, constant food to eat, and allowances will one day come to an end.  Seems no matter how much I try to teach him how to manage money and take care of himself, he continues to live as if the time for him to grow up will never come..

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A Heron's View said...

Ah' isnt it great to be young and carefree without a worry in the world ? :-)