Saturday, January 23, 2010

I know you are wondering....

why I have a picture of a feminine cleansing product posted on such a family type blog... especially a bag that was used eons ago~  There is a story behind the picture (as always...)  I remember seeing one of these hanging in my mom's bathroom when I was a very little girl~ even then I had no clue what it was, why it was there, or even what it was for..

I posted the picture partly because I live in a house full of men!  "douchebag" is obviously a common term used in the Sublett household by hubby (although I never noticed until today AFTER I told this story...)  Today alone, "douchebag" was used by hubby about 6 time in one of the following text:

"Hey douchebag!" calling 15 y/o
"What's up douchebag" on the phone with a buddy
"what a douchebag" referencing a buddy, person on t.v, or any random individual
"what are you? a douchebag?" on the phone with a buddy
"he is a douchebag.." on the phone with a buddy, talking to me about someone..

Still wondering why the bag???  4 y/o is sick and moody. 

While I cleaned the kitchen he laid in the living room watching t.v...  I guess it is safe to say 15 y/o took it upon himself to pester 4 y/o to which 4 y/o says:
         "Cedric, you're such a douchebag"
I yell, "DO NOT call your brother that word!"
4 y/o:  "is douchebag a bad word?"
me:     "no"
4 y/o:  "then why can't I say douchebag?"
me:     "because it's a mean word, not something to say to anyone"
4 y/o:  "well, I like douchebag, I want douchebag for dinner, mom, can we have douchebag?"
me:     "NO you can not have that for dinner and stop saying that word!"
4 y/o:  "Ced's a doucebag..."

I growl, (he is an exact replica of his daddy)
4 y/o goes back in the living room to watch t.v...
5 hours later~
4 y/o tells 15 y/o "you're still a douchebag"
I yell....
hubby laughs...

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