Friday, January 1, 2010

First day of the new year..

..was spent with Samantha and the kids.  I slept in until about 7:30 and then had to pry myself out of bed to make breakfast for 4 y/o.  (briefly talked to hubby)  Together 4 y/o and I had oatmeal, toast, and orange juice (yummy!)  At about 10 or so while the boys were running around the house Sam and I decided to watch District 9.. not bad. (talked to hubby again)  Everyone showered, dressed the kids, and we all headed over to the play area so that the boys could run themselves crazy.  Unfortunately Sam's 6 y/o is taller than the recommended height requirements so we have to pack up and go to McDonald's playland. This is okay, it gives the kids more time to play, in a smaller atmostphere, with less children. (text non stop with hubby).  Of course with McDonald's comes happy meals and toys.  After the kids ate and played, we piled into the car and made tracks back home in the cold.  When we got in, 15 y/o was watching Spongebob's movie so the children piled in front of the television (along with Sam and I) and we enjoyed Spongebob's big adventure (funny show!)  After the show, the kids jumped up and chased one another, ate a snack, watched Tom & Jerry, bathed and called it a night.

Sam went to Walmart at about 9 to get some items she was going to need for her trip back home to New York.(talked to hubby)  She returned with items she needed for her trip  We wound the night out with the movie Julie & Julia and called it a night.  Overall, the first day of the new year was relaxing and laid back... We'll see what tmorrow brings~  Landon has swim lessons which he ALWAYS refuses to participate in, should be fun.

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