Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I decided to hit the job center by the base in search for the perfect occupation.. well not really,  I already know what I want to do, I just have to finish school first.  Unfortunately, I was not as well informed about using my GI Bill for school as I thought I was~  I thought I would be able to start school on the 24th with no problem, well I can (at my cost) but for me to utilize my GI Bill I have to start the paperwork process... TWO MONTHS AGO!  I have so much work to, such poor planning on my part, needless to say,  I spent the rest of the day in some what of a mood (and it wasn't a good one...). I finished my house work, found a really simple recipe for paprika pork in my four ingredient cookbook, picked up the boys from school & daycare, yelled at 15 y/o for making 4 y/o cry, scolded 4 y/o for leaving his truck in middle of the floor which caused me to trip and fall, my ankle is still hurting...  Hubby came in from work and the first thing he said was "is dinner ready?" to which I exploded "it would be nice if you came home and cooked once in awhile instead of going directly to the gym after work, no dinner ISN'T ready and I don't know when it will be ready"  He stepped back and looked at me, giggled, hugged me tight and kissed my cheek while singing "oooo, did someone have a bad day at home todaaaay?"

reality check...

The most I do during the day is clean house, job search, write & RE-write my resume, drop off/pick up kids, go to the gym, cook dinner, bathe 4 y/o, read to 4 y/o, put 4 y/o to bed, cuddle with hubby while he watches t.v, read my book while I wind down, blog, then go to bed... I know I should be thankful that hubby does not mind that I am at home.... NOT working, while he works the extra hours to make our lives comfortable until I find a job~  for some reason, I'm still in a mood...  I get 4 y/o in bed and settle down on the couch to read a book while hubby watches the news and reads the paper.  He turns to me as says "babe listen to this" and begins to read... 'Unwanted Apples? Free removal & will buy some.  Reconditioned apples for sale call xxx-xxxx'.  I look at him confused as he goes on to say, "have you read the classifieds today?  what kind of crazy person wants to buy apples and what in the hell is a reconditioned apple?"  I take the paper and look at the listing it says:  "Unwanted applcs?  Free removal & will buy some.   Reconditioned applcs for sale call call xxx-xxxx". 
I laugh...
hubby wears glasses but didn't have them on when he read the listing so what appeared to say "apples" was actually "applcs" (short for appliances). 
mood gone, hugs and kisses for hubby... (still giggling)

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