Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baby Shower

No... not for me~ I enjoy being a guest at showers.... As a mom who would love the freedom of working from home, I continue my research in an effort to gain as much knowledge in small business/entrepreneurship as I can, especially on my one favorite pasttime, gift baskets... Last night I started putting together a baskets for this afternoon's baby shower, as I was finishing up layer two I thought to myself... "why didn't I get pictures from start to finish?"  to late, the top tier is already assembled, items are already in the position I need them to STAY in place...  I grabbed my camera to record the remaining steps.

As you can see, I am adding florals to my diaper cake, the thin line around the bottom tier is a piece of craft wire that I used to hold the diapers in place as I added each one to the row.  I was told today that this was a different way to do the diapers.  Most people actually roll the diapers and do about 3-4 tiers!  I can only imagine the time put into rolling and stacking more than 3 tiers!  I think I may have to keep it simple until I become more proficient at making these....

I added a simple lavendar ribbon to both tiers to give a clean (and more attactive) look to each level.

I felt the first ribbon was to small for the size of the project so I added a sheer ribbon that was thicker in size over the first ribbon and then fabricated the bow using both ribbons so that the two will tie together nicely.  I don't know if you can see but, that top tier has baby wash/lotion, diaper cream, wipes, and cotton swabs... yea~ there is alot of stuff up there!

View from the front, I love the lavendar, purple, and white although I probably should have went with the theme colors for the baby's room... (sorry)  I'll do better next time.

Wrapping the gift proved to be a challenge because I was unable to find gift basket paper wider than my basket so, I had to improvise with two rolls, WHILE, making sure the gift was still visible and the paper was tightly wrapped around the base of the basket... I did manage to keep all the small details intact...  I will go as far as to say this was probably the most challenging part of my project but, in the end my diaper cake was beautifully wrapped and ready for delivery!  (whew!)

One of the small details I had to add to the outside... so cute!

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