Friday, January 22, 2010

4 y/o....

was in his own bed when hubby woke me this morning.  Before hubby left he told me "4 y/o said he doesn't feel good, he's in his room in the bed.  Get up and check on him..."
sure enough his temperature was 100.8.  I gave him a cool glass of water and he asked me to leave his room and close the door, I peeped in a few times, he's snoring like a grown man.... 

Just went to check on him again, temp 101.3~  I asked all the questions..."does your head hurt? does your tummy hurt? does your body hurt?"  4 y/o said "nothing hurts mommy, my body is just tired and I don't feel good"
As much as he doesn't like medicine, I will have to give him something to bring down his fever.

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