Sunday, December 20, 2009

The $140 dollar holiday dress

That was the regular price for a simple black dress... I paid exactly $24.98 for it!

I'm not the shopper I use to be, I remember back in the day when the only responsibility I had was- who am I kidding- I wasn't very responsible back in the day.  When I lived in Georgia, it didn't take much for me to go out and spend almost a whole paycheck on clothing for partying in either Jacksonville or Savannah.  All someone had to say is "Hey this weekend a few of us are going to.... are you in?"  My answer was always "yes" and a new outfit (or two would follow)

When I moved to Virginia, I didn't shop as much but I still spent my share of dollars on unneeded items.  When I met one of my closest friends,  Kimy, the two of us would spend hours out and about in stores buying items we really didn't need but looked good on us when we hit the clubs for the night.

Now a days,  if it can be found online and the shipping is free, I'll purchase it.  Mainly because the stores are so crowded and the choices for boys seem limited and few... Did you notice I said for 'boys'?  I don't do much shopping for myself anymore, I have a ton of clothes (some still with tags) that I don't wear, mainly because I have spent the last 5 years away from home at sea on a ship.  My clothing options were limited overseas.  I either wore a uniform or the "required" civilian clothes if we hit a foreign port which normally consisted of jeans or khaki pants and a polo shirt~ no shorts, skirts, tank tops, or anything that made you fit into the culture in anyway... I didn't understand this part of the deal, we were constantly reminded about what we could wear and the importance of blending in... We normally stuck out like a pink elephant in a green field, but we were ambassadors of the United States, so we followed the rules and stayed out of trouble...  okay... what was I talking about again???

OH! the $140 dress...

As I stated, I do not like to shop as much as I use to but I had to actually get out to the stores to find a dress for a holiday party I will be attending.  I found 3 dresses that were all on sale with prices ranging from $49 to $127, the one I liked cost $79, the alternate $99.  I sent a picture of me in each dress to hubby for his opinion, later that night he told me which dress he liked.  Today I went to buy the dress and like all good sales, it was gone (so was my second choice)  bummed, i took a walk into Macy's, walked by a rack that said "one day sale" ($24.00)  kept walking, stopped and looked at about 20 dresses, didn't find what I wanted.  As I walked back by the "one day sale" rack for $24, I decided~ can't hurt...

Well what do you know, my alternate dress is on this rack... IN A SIZE 6!!!! I am so excited make my purchase and head home.  as I take the dress out of the bag I notice the original price is $140~ whoa!  that's one heck of a sale I stumbled into!!  I got an awesome black dress for 24 bucks, and I can actually wear it again on a day that doesn't have the word "holiday" in it!!!  I'm really getting into this saving and sale thing..

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