Thursday, January 7, 2010

$11.62 dinner

Hubby wasn't feeling well this morning but managed to get out of bed and go to work anyway.  I did my usual, breakfast with 4 y/o (his favorite: oatmeal, toast, and orange juice), we watched about 5 minutes of television and then bundled up for our trip down the road.  Dropped 15 y/o at school, 4 y/o off at daycare, and I headed to the gym for morning Zumba (love this class.. need to look into to teaching it~ yea, it's that much fun).  Showered and headed to the library to do my daily job search without the temptation or distraction of a tv (because if i do this at home i WILL watch t.v. while i work...)  I talked (text) with hubby a few times about how he was feeling, he seemed worn and the end of his work day was no where in sight.  I figured I'd make something that would make him feel a bit better if not warm inside...

I purchased a whole chicken, herbs, and egg noodles, went home and made home made a hearty chicken noodle soup (with bread).  this is by far the cheapest meal I have made to date, not only was it cheap, i was able to make enough to have for lunch (and possibly dinner) tomorrow.  I think i will make a white chili with the chicken that was left over... that should be yummy, and cost almost nothing considering I have everything I need to make this meal in the the cupboards! 

I feel proud that I am learning not to waste, I'm also getting better with my spending habits.  If i could only find a job where I am working from home full time, I think i could get use to this stay at home job... I do love being home all day!

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