Sunday, January 31, 2010


lazy day.  still snowed in, just read a few magazines, watched a movie with 4 y/o, and cooked dinner for the guys... must have been good... they ate all of it~


Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow day

I woke about 2 this morning to turn down the heat in the house, the news predicted snow so I took a look out the window to see if we actually got any~ there was no snow, 15 y/o still awake watching t.v, I told him to turn off the t.v an go to bed.  I checked to make sure the doors were locked and got back in bed.  At 7 or so, the house felt hot again~ went to check the thermastat, which was still set at 65 (maybe it's ME who is hot..) since I was up I figured I'd make coffee and breakfast for hubby and company.  The window directly over my kitchen sink let me know that it had finally snowed sometimes after 2 this morning...

4 y/o came in the kitchen just as I was putting the coffe on and noticed the snow, he was so excited he yelled "look mommy! snow, can we go outside? please? please? please?"  I put on clothes, dressed him and at about 7:20am, we were outside~ I believe we were the ONLY people outside, it was so very quiet.  The streets had no tracks, the only sound were the birds chirping and the snow crunching under out feet.  We stayed outside for about 30 minutes and then headed in for coffee, hot chocolate, and oatmeal.  4 y/o kept asking "can we go out later?" I told him we would after I finished making breakfast for the guys.

4 y/o kept me to my promise, after breakfast he asked if I was ready to go for a walk... (not really but..)  We dressed again and headed outside.  I have missed the last 3 winters due to either being deployed or out to sea for a long period of time so I brought my camera to capture the beauty of the snow we always hear about but never see.  4 y/o lead the way..  Normally he wants to walk around the block but opted for just going down to the cul-de-sac so he could see the water (thank goodness!)  He also kept complaining that the falling snow was sticking to his eyelashes, but he loved how it felt on his tongue.

I was able to get pictures of the lake from far back (didn't want to walk to close with 4 y/o)

Flowers that were growing along the side yard.

The berry tree that 4 y/o always pulls down to the ground to show us just how strong he is...

We have lot's of trees, bushes, and flowers that grow around the house....

My neighbors have the cutest red barn shaped shed that I love to take pictures of as the seasons change.  This is the first time I have been able to get it as the backdrop after a snowfall!

oh wow!  US postal services still continue! I guess federal holidays are the only days they take off...  This should cheer up hubby and his buddy who were waiting for pistons that were shipped overnight from California...

My shed has been the focus of alot of the pictures I take.  I took one a few weeks ago when it called for snow but it was only "dusted" by a few flurries and that disappeared almost 30 minutes after I took that picture! 

Such a great walk, but now 4 y/o is over the snow and ready to go back in "where it is warm"  What a beautiful day this turned out to be!

Friday, January 29, 2010

not much.

I had a lazy day~  had plans to do some shopping, take the kids to lunch, and a list of other "things to do".
I didn't do any of them, woke up, showered, saw hubby off to work, watched the news, good morning america, checked the weather, tickled 4 y/o until he said he needed oatmeal and orange juice.  made oatmeal, cleaned the kitchen, purchased a gift online for my husband's nephew who is getting married in march, took a 2 hour "NAP", watched HGTV, and now I'm getting ready to call it a night~ such a busy day...


Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm ready..

to call it a day. Little boy and I cleaned house most of the day, he got upset with me about his lunch and disappeared in my room to watch t.v.  about 15 minutes later I went in to my room to check on him and he was tucked under my cover sleeping.  While I was cleaning the dining room he came down the hall and said "mom, can we go to the park?"  I put away all of my cleaning items, dressed both of us in sweats and light jackets, and drove down the street to the park.  He played for about 40 minutes than told me his stomach was making funny noises, I asked if he was hungry, he said yes, I told him your stomach is growling for food.
he giggled...

We came home had lunch and both of us settled down on the couch to watch cartoon network.  Hubby called and told me to open the garage door for his friend who was in front of the house, I opened the door just as he was backing in.  Hubby arrived 30 minutes later, they unloaded the motorcycle and parts for the motor and got right to work.  They have been in the garage working away the day (and will work well into the wee hours of the morning...)  I was planning on cooking a quick and easy man sized meal for the guys but they all decided to take a break and go down the road for mexican food (whew~)  I declined the ride to eat and was treated with a nice big bowl of chicken chimichanga witch was good as always.
Now I'm about to put 4 y/o to bed for the night~ I always make sure to stay in the family room (since it's close to the garage) until all work outside is done.  That way, I can hear any yells for water, small fingers to pry out lost parts, snacks or most importantly, emergancies.  So I'm heading back to get my blanket to lay on the couch until hubby comes in from working in the garage for the night...

Why is it that everytime...

I give 15 y/o a task to do he feels it will get done when he is ready??? We have guest coming at 3 this afternoon.  15 y/o has a fairly nice sized room with a queen size bed in it so we normally use it for when guest come. 15 y/o sleeps on the trundle bed in 4 y/o's room for the durations of our guests stay, although he doesn't actually use the trundle~ 4 y/o sleeps with me and hubby so his bed is always available for use no matter what!  At 7:15 this morning, I go in to start dusting the furninture and find the room is a mess~ clothes everywhere, books scattered, laundry half in/out of the bin, floor full of dust bunnies, and the linen is still on the bed with pillows strewn about the floor.... did I miss the part of the conversation that said "clean your room so that I can dust and put on clean linen"?   (that he didn't do) so at 7:15, I make him do it before he heads out to school~  HE gets an attitude???  I believe he has forgotten that it was only yesterday... about 7am, when he woke me and 4 y/o so that we can take him to the store to get candy for his friend who had a b-day... (grrr)

You know, when i was growing up, I don't ever remember NOT completing any task given to me whether it was washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, bedrooms.... If I was told to do~ you better believe it happened! no questions of "why do I have to always do it?" or my favorite... "NOW?"  I just never questioned anything I was told to do.  I enjoyed my allowance (on time) I enjoyed my freedom to hang out with friends, talk on the phone until the perscribed time (9pm), I enjoyed being able to go hang out at the teenage spot on the weekends, and I wanted to keep enjoying those fun things.  that's why I made sure all of my chores were completed on time, homework always completed, curfews never misses... I enjoyed the freedome that was given to me from making the right decisions and doing the task that were asked of me.

It is now 7:49am, the room is clean, the trash still hasn't been taken out, instead of putting the laundry in the bin, it's been shoved under the bed and pushed inside the closet (doors shut nice and tight), and the bagged items he wanted me to take to the thrift store are still laying in the garage (vice in the truck where I told him to put them..)  I don't think I asked him to do much when he arrived home from school yesterday (about 4-ish)

But that's okay, tomorrow is allowance day, he normally gets 15 dollars a week but, I think I'll keep the $7+ he owes me for buying the candy, then I'll charge him $5 for taking out the trash, carrying the bags for the thrift store to the truck, and putting the laundry BACK in the bin instead of shoved in the closet and under the bed... so that leaves him what... $3? 

that's a fair price, no???

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

slow, quiet day~

after the trip to the store this morning I kind of mulled around the house looking for things to do.. made a list of things to do for tomorrow and the menu for the weekend.  Hubby will have a friend up so that they can rebuild a motor for a motorcycle which means bringing lunch, drinks, snacks, and what ever else will be needed for the weekend build.
4 y/o is still a bit sluggish for some reason, lost a few pounds... his pants are hanging off of his already to small butt~ we didn't turn on a t.v. today, just sat on the couch and listened to him talk nonstop, nap, lay his head on my lap, smack his lips twice (which indicates he needs a kiss on his lips).
at about 2 he asked if he could use the computer, I logged him on.  while he played his game, i hung new shades in the sunroom which hubby did NOT like... but once the valance is up I think he'll fall in love with the results.
Prepared dinner, bathed 4 y/o, didn't get to read him a book~ he was really whiny during bath time and complained about everything, refused to get dressed so I told him if he didn't get dressed he couldn't come out of his room... 30 minutes later I walked back to find him in the bed with his underware on his head, and his bottom bare under the covers... His skin is still very itchy from having scarlet fever, he is probably not wearing any clothes because his skins is still itchy and may feel prickly under his pajamas.

No I'm about to sit down to watch Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations with hubby and then call it a night.  There is alot to do before company starts to arrive tomorro evening for the upcomiing build..  Good night

I'm dragging

I'm so tired.... 15 y/o waited until this morning to tell me he wanted to get a gift for some girl at school... when I asked why he said "she's a friend" when I asked what kind of friend he said "she's just a friend".
me: so you want me to get out of bed and take you to the store BEFORE school to get a gift for 'just a friend'?"

15 y/o:  "yes"
me: "why didn't we do this last week? or the weekend? or yesterday?"
15 y/o: "I don't know"
me:  "what do you suppose is open at 7am?"
15 y/o:  "Walgreens"
me:  "you plan to buy a female friend a gift from Walgreens?"
15 y/o: "she really loves the Ghirardelli chocolates so I want to get her some, I know they have them at Walgreens"
me:  "hmmmm"
me:  "do you plan to put them in a gift bag or anything? buy a card?"
15 y/o:  "no, just candy"

Me and 4 y/o get up, get dress, and drive to Walgreens with 15 y/o.  Get inside the store, he gets the candy (I bring a gift bag and card from my stock pile at home) he gets to the register, she rings him up, gives him a total of $7.42, he looks at me....

me:  "what?"
15 y/o:  "I'm going to need you to pay for this..."
me:  "really?  where is your money?"
15 y/o:  "I needed to go to the bank but it's not open yet"
me:  "let me get this straight, not only do you have me and your 4 y/o brother out in the cold, at 7:22 in the morning buying candy for a girl who is just 'a friend'.... you want me to pay too???"
(girl at the counter giggles)
15 y/o: "it's only $7.42!"
me:  "don't worry, I'll take it out of your allowance Friday"

15 y/o thinks about putting the items back, whines it's only $7.24, then takes his purchase and leaves me and 4 y/o standing at the register to pay.  When we get back to the truck he is sitting inside with bottom lip poked out, sulking about why it has to come out of his allowance~  he has yet to understand that he will be an adult soon (3 years) and he still does not understand that this security blanket of money, a warm house, constant food to eat, and allowances will one day come to an end.  Seems no matter how much I try to teach him how to manage money and take care of himself, he continues to live as if the time for him to grow up will never come..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mini peanut butter cupcakes

Looking at this months stacks of magazines to read, I came across the Food Network magazine.  As I thumbed through the pages getting hungrier by the minute (but not getting off the couch to satisfy my hunger) I came across the fun cooking section titled "I Want Candy" (me too!) Although all of the cupcakes (modeled after candy bars) look yummy, I decided to make the peanut butter cupcake that "tastes just like a reese's" ummmm :-)

I searched my cabinets and found I had all the ingrediants with the exception of buttermilk, heavy cream, cocoa, peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips~ now that I think about it, that's pretty much the whole recipe...  I guess I didn't have a thing on hand afterall!

I gathered my ingrediants and got to work.  I put together a few pictures to tell my "I baked" story.

In the end, my cupcakes really DID taste like a Reece's!
I didn't want to waste the remaining peanut butter topping so I piped the peanut butter in small cups and TRIED to drizzle chocolate on top of them for a quick snack right out of the fridge... Pouring proved to be much easier!  The whole family gave me a thumbs up... I pack a few for the family, and told hubby to take the rest to work for his co-workers to enjoy with morning coffee. If you want the recipe~ Just let me know!

I smile~

To A Heron's View...

I say thank you for the advice with 4 y/o! (I love good advice!)

I think it is safe to say 4 y/o appreciated me not coming in to wake him every few minutes ;-)  I did manage to get him to eat 2 small spoons of icecream that he said was so yummy!  but in the same sentence he asked me to "get out now and close the door"

unfortunately I had to take him to urgent care because I wasn't able to get him to eat anything other than the two spoons of icecream- water was completely out of the question...  One doctor advised an IV to prevent further dehydration, another felt we could get around the IV by providing a shot of penicillin and about a tablespoon of steroid medicine to take away much of the inflammanation that was keeping him from eating.  Today 4 y/o is up and moving!  for breakfast he had oatmeal, cereal, 2 cups of yogurt, a cinnamon roll, and water non stop!  I took him in for his follow up and they were shocked to see that the red cheecks and arms were now pink in color, temperature under 100, and he actually spoke to the doctors when they asked him questions. (lol)  Athough he is still a bit groggy and tired from the long weekend, it's nice to see he is feeling better, eating, drinking, and moving around.  I feel happy~

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's after 5

and 4 y/o is still sleeping off and on.  I keep waking him every half hour or more to make him drink water or take a bite of oatmeal since he refuses to eat or drink... all day he has told me one of a few phrases:

leave me alone
stop touching me
i don't want that
close my door
stop asking me if my head hurts
turn the lights off
stop singing
stop talking to me
stop talking (yea... stop talking all together)
turn your t.v. down
stop wrinkling the chip bag
don't touch my blanket
I don't want you to take my temperature
this water sucks

he's such a little butt when he's sick~ I blame hubby...

little boy...

still didn't want to get out of bed today, I checked his tem it was at 99.. much lower than it has been over the last few days.  I was able to get an appointment this morning so I took him in.  His temp by the time we got there had risen to 101.3, his cheeks were red along with red lips, red ears, red arms, the works.. my sweetie has had a tough weekend.

I have not had the opportunity to take care of 4 y/o or 15 y/o over the last 4 years due to my time spent in the Navy which kept me away from home more than normal, so hubby has been dad and mom for the last 4 years taking care of childcare, sickdays, school issues, home, the works... so 4 y/o's fevers and red skin have me running in circles asking non stop~ "should I take him to the hospital?" "a cool bath is good right?" "shouldn't he drink more water?" all the while hubby is calm and laidback telling me to "relax, after day 3 if he isn't up and running or his fever hasn't broke, then you take him to the doctor"

I took him to the doctor today...  20 minutes in the appointment the doctor says "I don't even have to swab him or take blood to see whats wrong, he has strep throat... Those rough red splotches on his skin are a result of the high fever and strep" (aka scarlet fever) When I hear scarlet fever I think of a childhood illness that took the lives of many young children due to the lack of treatment/antibiotics... Thanks to medical research and science, there is now treatment to help rid the body of the harmful bacteria that causes the illness... I'm getting back in the swing of being mom, but mom is turning out to be a a big job that I have alot to catch up on!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

little boy...

is still sick~  I'll have to keep an eye on him tonight and take him to the doctor if necessary... (sadface)

Baby Shower

No... not for me~ I enjoy being a guest at showers.... As a mom who would love the freedom of working from home, I continue my research in an effort to gain as much knowledge in small business/entrepreneurship as I can, especially on my one favorite pasttime, gift baskets... Last night I started putting together a baskets for this afternoon's baby shower, as I was finishing up layer two I thought to myself... "why didn't I get pictures from start to finish?"  to late, the top tier is already assembled, items are already in the position I need them to STAY in place...  I grabbed my camera to record the remaining steps.

As you can see, I am adding florals to my diaper cake, the thin line around the bottom tier is a piece of craft wire that I used to hold the diapers in place as I added each one to the row.  I was told today that this was a different way to do the diapers.  Most people actually roll the diapers and do about 3-4 tiers!  I can only imagine the time put into rolling and stacking more than 3 tiers!  I think I may have to keep it simple until I become more proficient at making these....

I added a simple lavendar ribbon to both tiers to give a clean (and more attactive) look to each level.

I felt the first ribbon was to small for the size of the project so I added a sheer ribbon that was thicker in size over the first ribbon and then fabricated the bow using both ribbons so that the two will tie together nicely.  I don't know if you can see but, that top tier has baby wash/lotion, diaper cream, wipes, and cotton swabs... yea~ there is alot of stuff up there!

View from the front, I love the lavendar, purple, and white although I probably should have went with the theme colors for the baby's room... (sorry)  I'll do better next time.

Wrapping the gift proved to be a challenge because I was unable to find gift basket paper wider than my basket so, I had to improvise with two rolls, WHILE, making sure the gift was still visible and the paper was tightly wrapped around the base of the basket... I did manage to keep all the small details intact...  I will go as far as to say this was probably the most challenging part of my project but, in the end my diaper cake was beautifully wrapped and ready for delivery!  (whew!)

One of the small details I had to add to the outside... so cute!

Sweet smells...

make me smile.  Several months ago I was reading a magazine that had one of those inserts with the perfume samples in it for you to smell.. you know what I'm talking about?  that strip of smell good on the paper... I have seen the guys in my old shop rub the paper on their necks and uniforms and then ask people how they smelled... (crazy navy days~)

There was one smell in particular I could not get out of my head... the next day I went to the mall I purchased it, wore it for about 2 weeks and later stored it in my medicine cabinet with a few other favorites that have drawn me to the perfume counter in search of "the one" fragrance that stopped me in my tracks or made me smile.  Funny thing, "The ONE" by Dolce and Gabbana just happens to be the fragrance I HAD to have several months ago.  As I cleaned my medicine cabinet out today, guess who I was reunited with...

I also found the one perfume that I do not believe to many other people on earth have... there isn't anything beautiful or special about the label OR the bottle.  It appears to be a generic bottle, with a generic label, of some generic perfume... but it's price tag will make some ask "are you serious"  It's simply labeled "CLEAN"

and that is probably the best way to describe the smell.  not sweet, not overpowering, just "CLEAN" like you just stepped out of the shower.  Some have asked "what do you have on?" when I say a perfume called "Clean" they give me the 'are you serious' look.. I smile and keep moving.

How about this classic, Chance by Chanel~ can you tell how much I like this bottle of perfume?  it's almost empty.  Good thing about Chanel, the fragrances that outlast other brands are always easy to find when you need more.  Another "magazine" catcher for me was Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist,

The bottle alone reminds me of an ice sculpture, the smell has gotten many pleasing "you smell nice" compliments from the masses.  Does anyone remember Chloe Narcisse?  I do.. It was one of the many bottles tucked on the back shelf behind bath products and makeup must haves.

There are a few other bottles that have been purchased such as, Eternity's Moment, Escape, Calvin Klein's CK1 and Obsession, unfortunately, they are not worn to often simply because hubby's nose doesn't favor them to well... happens.  But the craziest thing about all the body sprays, gels, & perfumes that I own is, my favorites happen to cost less than 5 bucks and were purchased in oil form.  While visiting the Kingdom of Bahrain, I purchased several small 4 oz vials of pure vanilla and lilac oil from J & S Saleh Yadgar, nothing more to them, just a small bottle of oil... just two fragrances that I loved more than any high priced bottle of perfume I had ever purchased.  When I smell them they remind me of the good times I had while visiting the many places overseas with my Navy co-workers.
Who would have thought that the most intoxicating smells would come from such a small bottle~ with and even smaller cost...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spicy Crispy Beef

Doesn't it look so yummy?  It WAS yummy!  hubby wanted something different, good, and spicy.  Since we had chicken last night I had to come up with something completely different.  Google is the best for doing recipe searches.  I typed in "spicy beef recipe" and spicy crispy beef showed up. 
The reciped called for you to deep fry a flank steak.. we did a flat iron steak, when i read "deep fried" I was wasn't to sure~ who deep fries steak... of ANY kind?  didn't matter, i felt like experimenting, the ingrediants sounded wonderful, and we wanted something different.  The meal called for, corn starch, soy sauce, rice vinegar, rice wine, honey, sugar, chile paste, fresh ginger, garlic, onion, and red pepper, it took longer to prepare than it did to cook!  All the ingrediants cut in up the bowl waiting to be used smelled wonderful!

In the end, we enjoyed our spicy crispy beef with just the right amount of spicy (along with a tad bit of sweet)  Once again... this will be a recipe that goes into the recipe folder (that hubby swears I will never use again...)

I know you are wondering....

why I have a picture of a feminine cleansing product posted on such a family type blog... especially a bag that was used eons ago~  There is a story behind the picture (as always...)  I remember seeing one of these hanging in my mom's bathroom when I was a very little girl~ even then I had no clue what it was, why it was there, or even what it was for..

I posted the picture partly because I live in a house full of men!  "douchebag" is obviously a common term used in the Sublett household by hubby (although I never noticed until today AFTER I told this story...)  Today alone, "douchebag" was used by hubby about 6 time in one of the following text:

"Hey douchebag!" calling 15 y/o
"What's up douchebag" on the phone with a buddy
"what a douchebag" referencing a buddy, person on t.v, or any random individual
"what are you? a douchebag?" on the phone with a buddy
"he is a douchebag.." on the phone with a buddy, talking to me about someone..

Still wondering why the bag???  4 y/o is sick and moody. 

While I cleaned the kitchen he laid in the living room watching t.v...  I guess it is safe to say 15 y/o took it upon himself to pester 4 y/o to which 4 y/o says:
         "Cedric, you're such a douchebag"
I yell, "DO NOT call your brother that word!"
4 y/o:  "is douchebag a bad word?"
me:     "no"
4 y/o:  "then why can't I say douchebag?"
me:     "because it's a mean word, not something to say to anyone"
4 y/o:  "well, I like douchebag, I want douchebag for dinner, mom, can we have douchebag?"
me:     "NO you can not have that for dinner and stop saying that word!"
4 y/o:  "Ced's a doucebag..."

I growl, (he is an exact replica of his daddy)
4 y/o goes back in the living room to watch t.v...
5 hours later~
4 y/o tells 15 y/o "you're still a douchebag"
I yell....
hubby laughs...

Dear Joe...

I am writing to thank you for my morning... oh, excuse me, my afternoon pick up.  I didn't sleep very well last night squished between 200+lb hubby and sick 42lb 4 y/o... did I mention 4 y/o snores like a grown man?  and the breath on that kid can knock down an elephant~ why do kids have such crazy breath despite the bedtime brush?  At any rate, the pumpkin spice wants to send a thanks to you for inviting him into your cute orange cirlce of coziness to be sipped slowly by the lips of the owner who keeps the cup clean and free of chipped edges.  You feel nice and warm snuggled between my hands as I flip through one of the many magazines that currently resides beneath my coffee table.    You are a kind, calming wake up and I am glad that you were available for me to enjoy this late part of the morning... oh, excuse me, afternoon...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Magazine junkie

I am almost positive that is what I am~  The magazines range from parenting, to health, to home decor, small business opportunities, scrapbooking... you name it I read it!  I remember way back when I picked up my first magazine (seventeen) I never wanted to get rid of the old issues so they would stack up and make a pile of clutter at the bottom of my closet. As I got older and into a place of my own... by myself, I got into home decorating~ these issues were even harder to part with!  Once I met my husband I wanted to try all kinds of recipes for him so food magazines soon became my weakness.  crazy magazine lady!

 The thing I use to complain about with magazines was the number of subscription cards that would fall out all over my house... but never thought about subscribing to any (hmm)  one day I actually looked at one and noticed I could get a year subscription for cost of one... sometimes TWO magazines purchased off the news stand at regular price, this is when the magazines really started to pile up, I was saving money on the magazines I was getting in the mail but losing space where they were piling up because I didn't want to get rid of them... just in case I needed to find something in one of them down the road.  crazy magazine lady!

I'm over that now, if i find a recipe I like, I can now scan it and put it in my recipe folder on my computer.  If there is an idea that catches my eye I ask "do i really need to change what I have now?" the answer is usually no, if there is an exercise that i want to try or like, I scan the article and save on my computer (again) and delete it once I have it to memory.  Now I donate the old magazines to my son's daycare and the public library, or my friends will take the ones they want to read home with them.  This helps cut back on the pile of magazine clutter that would normally occupy one corner of my dining room.  It's really clean in there now (imagine that)  I think it's time to cut back even further by not renewing any subscriptions.  I have found that there are at least two magazines that give me everything I want from cover to cover~ recipes, decorating/storage ideas, health and exercise tips.  It's nice to know that I am well on my way to not being the crazy magazine lady I once was.... not to mention my dining room actually looks like a dining room and not a magazine storage area anymore!

4 y/o....

was in his own bed when hubby woke me this morning.  Before hubby left he told me "4 y/o said he doesn't feel good, he's in his room in the bed.  Get up and check on him..."
sure enough his temperature was 100.8.  I gave him a cool glass of water and he asked me to leave his room and close the door, I peeped in a few times, he's snoring like a grown man.... 

Just went to check on him again, temp 101.3~  I asked all the questions..."does your head hurt? does your tummy hurt? does your body hurt?"  4 y/o said "nothing hurts mommy, my body is just tired and I don't feel good"
As much as he doesn't like medicine, I will have to give him something to bring down his fever.

to much wine...

makes you think to much...