Monday, December 14, 2009

the plan for today...

Was to clean house and relax with a good book.  As we all have found in life, plans don't always go as PLANNED!  Although I did get to sleep in, 4 y/o (aka- my alarm clock) stayed up late waiting for me to go to bed last night and ended up sleeping in past 9~ this never happens!  he normally wakes me at about 6:30 am requesting "oatmeal mommy! now!" yea, just like that... no "can you please..", "mom can you make...." none of that.. it's what we call the oatmeal demand... it sucks but you don't want to keep laying in bed because the phrase will continue until you pry yourself out of bed, cover him up IN your bed, and walk to the kitchen to make him oatmeal... WITH orange juice!

after oatmeal, and lunch of hotdogs and mac & cheese, I settle down with my book, 4 y/o puts on a movie, and 14 y/o heads to his room to read.  at about 4:28 I get a phone call from a friend I had planned to visit today (and completely forgot) As I answered I started with... "I am sorry, I forgot we were suppose to meet up today!"  and then launch into how are you doing... etc.. she says okay but I can hear that things are not okay by the sound of her voice~ she asks if i could come now... she needs me.  I tell her to give me 30 minutes, throw on some sweats, convince 4 y/o we need to take a ride, ask 14 y/o if he wants to go ("no") and run out in the cold rain to find out what's going on.

4 hours and about 32 minutes later, we have talked, tried to find understanding, voiced concerns, and cried over infidelity of those we put trust and love in.  I don't give advise on relationships (ever) I feel that when a decision is made about where to go in a relationship, the only person who should make it... is the person who has the problem.  I don't ever want to be the one who says "leave" when things could have been fixed by conversation, therapy, God...  I have always felt that what ever happens in relationships "happens" we can't control what direction they go, how long they last, or even if they will ever get off the ground!  I have said numerous times that I have been blessed to have my husband in my life.  We met in 97.. in 98 he moved back to Texas... dated other women, lived his life the way he wanted, and called and asked "do you want to know where I am" one day.  Almost a year later we moved in together... a year after that we were married...  2 years later we were separated... now we are going into 10 years of marriage and make it a habit of talking to each other daily, spending time with each other daily, spending time alone weekly, and not forgetting the importance of respecting one another as well as our promise to God. 

In the end I think my friend will make the right decision on what direction to go with her relationship.  When you are known to be the strong person, it hurts to have someone see you cry.  Friend, I still think you are strong... It takes a strong person to call and say "i need you" and it takes a true friend to say "I'm on my way"

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