Saturday, December 12, 2009

my day was... how about yours???

Once again I find myself bored, every time hubby leaves to go out of town, I find myself cleaning, cleaning, painting, cleaning, watching HGTV non stop, cleaning, etc....

today we started our Saturday the way we normaly do.  Swim lessons for 4 y/o bright and early, the ones we keep paying for in hopes that one day he will actually participate~ that kid is stubborn, after swim lessons he asked (non stop) that I make a trip to Dunkin Doughnuts, I want coffee, so I make the stop.  We get coffee, doughnuts with sprinkles and somewhere between me telling him to stay close and don't touch, a strawberry milk is added to my final bill~ oh well, at least it'll taste good with his doughnuts.

Arrive home, give 4 y/o a bath, yell at 15 y/o for being in bed at 11am, clean house, call hubby, make lunch, and then head out the door for a craft show they are having at the YMCA.  While we are there 4 y/o ask if we can go to Chucky Cheese's.  I give in, stop by the house to pick up a book to read, and head over to kid haven... As always it is filled with screaming (big) kids running so fast they can't stop in time to avoid the smaller kids who are trying to enjoy themselves.  wait a minute...

I thought this place was suppose to be for KIDS... it has changed since the last time I step through the door (for another unpleasant birthday party with an oversized rat... oh sorry, mouse) whoa~ they need a new sign out side that says "dress code rating: R" (intechangable according to the type of mom currently in the house)  the current group of moms are seriously under dressed for for a place "where a kid can be a kid".  I kind of feel like I'm in a party place that is intended for the "grown and sexy" giant slide, games, pizza, and cake included... this is so not cool for my 15 y/o who can't even concentrate on any games because the girl (with her 2 y/o son?) is bending over the mole hole showing all of her goodies in her super short skirt that appears to have been purchased out of the little girls department.  We get our pizza to go, 4 y/o screams "this is not fair"... at the same time 15 y/o says "I don't understand why he can't stay there and play for awhile, I mean it IS for for kids afterall"..... (hmmmm)

We bring our pizza home, eat, and watch Aliens VS Monsters (good movie) after movie time, 4 y/o gets on the computer for some computer time, 15 y/o takes his stephen king book into his room with him and closes the door, and I stand in the kitchen looking for something to snack on (need to go grocery shopping)  I look in my hall closet for something to do... there are a some beading items in my closet that were purchased but never used (need some lessons), I pull the items out and sit at my dining room table... in the end I come up with a few pairs of earrings I am excited about wearing (pictured below)

I tried to do the coil around the beads... already purchased was easier!

I love red, I think I'll make more red ear rings!!!

my first try at doing a coil.. uneven but I think these are nice...

another favorite... need to to this in red... and brown.. ooo green too!

This is the very first pair of ear rings I ever made~ not bad for a first timer with no classes huh!!!

4 y/o wants me to watch Boomerang with him.. (he loves old cartoons) I guess I'll call it a night.. this has been a long day, glad hubby will be back tomorrow!

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