Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm happy..

It is about 10:55pm and I am waiting patiently for hubby to return home from setting up a network for a local copany in the area.  4 y/o kept asking where daddy was and finally asked if he could call daddy.

"daddy, where are you?  it's dark and mommy is ready for bed"
    "I'm at work bubba, is everything okay?"
"yes, mommy is ready to go to sleep, are you on your way home?"
    "I'll be home in about an hour or so"
"okay daddy, here's mommy"

I feel so lucky..., happy.... I can't stop smiling to myself.  I have been blessed with one of Gods sweetest treasures.  He is patient with the fact that I don't work, took care of our kids while I was away for the last four years, and loves me~ even if I'm not shapely with long flowing hair and fair skin.  I am truley blessed.

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