Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas

Quiet day, temp holding at a cool 54 degrees- dry after a rainy Christmas day. 
I guess many people wake up super early on Christmas day to open gifts... Not us, we had already discussed how this holiday, we would focus more on the reason than the gifts.  4 y/o was the first to wake at about 7:42am, he whined about missing Tom and Jerry on Boomerang and then said he was going into the front room to watch television.  He came back and informed us that there were gifts under the tree and if it was okay to open them.  We got out of bed to help him find his gifts.  15 y/o asked for a new game system and a new cell phone, his grades prevented  him from getting either.  I decided to give him money to put in his bank account so that he can buy his system of choice (and phone) when his grades improved.  I also gave him the second season of his favorite anime, Bleach, that he seemed really excited about.  On 4 y/o's list he requested a monster truck with a remote, a bubble wand (bubbles), and wings to fly so he could find me when I left him home alone with daddy.  The first thing he opened was his monster truck- his exact words- "THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!", since I couldn't find wings I got him the Leap Frog reading system to help him find a fun way to learn to read (because he refuses to do it...), when he opened his bubbles the only thing he wanted to do was go outside.  He dressed himself in sweats and a to small sweatshirt and waited for me to take him outside.  As I stood at the front door (inside) I watched him blow bubbles in the cold wet air, no cares no worries, wet fingers and clothes, red ears and red nose... I only saw pure enjoyment in something as small and entertaining in his 2 dollar bottle of bubbles.  who would have known?  Known that it doesn't take hundreds of dollars to make a child happy on a day as special as Christmas.  Later in the evening I cooked a small dinner for my family of 4 plus 3: smoked ham, baked mac & cheese, garlic mash potatoes, whole wheat bread, green beans wrapped in bacon sprinkled with brown sugar (ummmm, thanks for the recipe Belva!).  We enjoyed quiet conversation and laughter and 4 y/o thanked Santa one more time for his "monster truck remote" and his special bubble wand~ who knew...

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A Heron's View said...

Thank you for sharing, the way you told it I felt as if I had been there; it must have been a wonderful day for you all.

Best of wishes to you all for a Happy New Year.