Thursday, December 3, 2009

Creative Side

For those who did not know, I have what some may call a creative side.  It normally does not surface until I find something that I really like (and it cost a fortune).  Christmas wreaths for example, now a days, one will cost you anywhere from $35 - $60 bucks... I love when they have the 20% off sticker on the ones that cost in the upper 60's~

isn't it weird how when we see something that says 20% (or more) off we can't help but to buy it?  No matter that it cost 70buck.... "It's 20% off!!!"

That is how I felt when I went to buy a wreath to go over my fireplace a few days ago.  As I looked at all the pretty colors, ribbons, and ornaments that adorned many, the fact that they all cost 45 bucks was over shadowed by the 20% off sticker.  After about 30 minutes or so, I decided I needed the red one with the poinsettas and the red bow.  I picked up my selection with a smile on my face (I was getting 20% off!) and headed to the already long line.  As I waited, and continued to eye all the other wreaths, I started to second guess my decision...

maybe the one with the different ornaments is the one I want, oooo~ the blue looks really good, I haven't done blue in awhile... Oh my goodness! they have purple! Landon loooves purple! 

The more I looked the more my mind started to spin and then suddenly I thought... 'why am I buying this?? I can make the one I want with flowers AND ornaments for less than $45 (+20% off...) after my 24 minute wait in line, I put my wreath back and headed to Michaels... What do you know~ Michael's has small wreaths for 2 bucks and larger ones for 3..

I pick a large one and a small one.  total cost... $5.  

I drove to my house to plan out a simple design, I look through my holiday decoration boxes and found several different sized ornaments in gold, blue, red, silver, and green.. I choose the red, it feels more festive... 'Oh look~ there are a few white and red poinsettas in here!!!' I take all the items and put them in a box on the table. 

Two days later, after finishing my housework, I pour all the items out of the box onto my dining room table... about an hour or more later, I hang my home made wreath over my fireplace.   take a step back, and smile... I like this~ simple, quick, and just enough to catch the eye. (pictured below)

total cost: $3.00 (I only made the large wreath... had to get dinner started!)

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