Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve..

It's finally here.  4 y/o has asked from the last day of November "is it Christmas yet?" to which i have to constantly remind him "no, it is the holiday season" 

In the mind of a 4 y/o decorated trees, lights, and santa in every mall represents Christmas... and everyday IS Christmas... Let's not forget to make sure each of us explains to our 4 y/o (and older) the true meaning of this upoming day.  This day of rejoicement, the birth of our king, our father. 

In the past my tree was filled with gifts for the season, this year, we limited gifts to the bare minimum... The meaning has gotten lost over the years and it seems more important to us to help them understand this time of year is not about who gets what or what cost the most but, why we celebrate.

Happy Holiday Everyone.

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