Monday, November 23, 2009

Visit to my 15 y/o class..

If you ever want to know what your kid is up to in school...  show up to class one day~ UNEXPECTED... that's what I did.  The look on my 15y/olds face was classic (not to mention funny!)

15 y/o seems to have a problem completing classwork so I took it upon myself (after talking to my friend Angela during dinner at the Melting Pot one night) to stop by the school and hang out in his class.  First class is math, located in hallway "I"... 

There are there are 13 students in the class, 9 boys, wait... 10 boys, one kid who was dressed in all black with house shoes and really long hair actually answered to the name Shaquaun which leads me to believe he is not one of the "4" girls who I originally thought were in my 15 y/olds class.  There is a redhead who does more talking than the teacher, a wanna be beauty queen who had convinced the guy next to her to give up his math book so she can complete her assignment (because she left her book at home) and a third girl who was really tall and seemed a bit intimidating to the other 12 kids in the class~ so no one really bothered her to much.  The math teacher did her part (teaching) even though none of the kids really paid attention, well the kid with the full beard and mustache seemed interested in the lesson (15 y/o pretended he was because he saw me walk in and have a seat).  There was one kid who seemed a bit older and smarter than the rest, he sat in the very back of the class didn't even bother to pay attention to what was being said as he read Sista Souljah's Midnight: A Gangster Love Story... and then there was Christian, a mixed kid with a really big afro, who spent a majority of the class time talking to anyone who would listen and stating "I love you Mrs. such and such" every time he was scolded for getting to loud, touching everything in sight, or interrupting the teacher as she tried to give her lesson which led me to believe that Christian is actually ADHD or something~  15 y/o didn't talk much although the kid in the back of the class who was reading Sister Souljah took time out from his book to yell "I bet Ced will get his classwork done today!" (...giggles from the class~ kid goes right back to reading his book..)

From Math, I go to English.  This teacher is nothing like the first, when she speaks all listen... I like her.  looks like many of the same kids are in this class as well, once everyone gets settled in she ask for homework (15 y/o doesn't have his...) and then she starts her lesson~ all eyes are on her.... Kid from the other class, who read Sister Souljah in Math, shows up about 5 minutes late doesn't bother to sit, just informs English teacher he will no longer be in her class he has a schedule change, turns in his homework assignment from yesterday, textbook, and then says peace out to the students as he walks back out the door as quietly as he walked in... Christian is here (still talking) as is the redhead (who out talks Christian)... The tall girl makes the roll call but the beauty queen is replaced by an alternate who has really shiney lips and hair dyed two different colors, her attitude is almost as prissy as the other queen but we can definately tell who the real queen is in "I" hallway.  I sit in the back next to "Shaquaun" (with his long hair and house shoes...) I am tempted to ask why his hair is longer than any woman I know, not to mention, what the hell is he doing wearing house shoes to school.... but he is not my 15 y/o and I am not there for him.  There are only 12 students in this class and even though 15 y/o doesn't participate in the class discussion or take any notes, he manages to rip the brand new eraser from the top of his pencil into a million little pieces.  Before they head out for lunch Shaquan makes it his business to point out "Cedric never turns in classwork"

"Thanks Shaquan~ that's why I am here..."

I didn't stay for the whole class because my 5 hours of daycare were quickly coming into "pay extra" time so I had to cut class short and head out to pick up 4 y/o so that he could cry about why he needs skittles and orange juice from the Kroger located right next to his daycare (a daily argument) but you better believe I will be heading back to that school on occassion to see how things are going and to make sure 15 y/o has a game plan that clearly matches mine when it comes to turning in classwork and homework, not to mention passing the 9th grade.

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