Saturday, November 14, 2009

laptops, and t.v's, and games, oh my!

With no electricity I have found one thing out.  The everyday activities of my family do not really include each other! for example, I stay at home all day, not just lounging~  I clean, drop off the kids at daycare/school, work out, prepare dinner, search for a job, write and rewrite my resume, pick up the kids, cook dinner, do bath time, story time, then bed time.  My husband and the kids are pretty much out of the house until 4, after that Hubby goes to the gym, Landon in the living room for t.v time, and Cedric locks himself in his room.  After dinner, Ced disappears back into his room, Landon uses the computer to play games, and Hubby jumps on his laptop.  I sit on the couch and read a book or fall asleep.
Now that we have no electricity (bad storm came throught and knocked down a few power lines) we have all spent the last 2 days in the same room.  Before Hubby got the generator working (it's been sitting idle since we had to use it during the 2003 hurricain) we relaxed by candle light althought it made me nervous having 4 year old Landon.  Once the generator was up and running we limited it's use to the light in the main living area, and the refridgerator.  With no t.v. or laptops for games we have all snuggled up in this one room and actually TALKED to each other, we pilled into the car in the pouring rain and drove about 30 miles to our favorite restaraunt, only to turn around and come right back home because there was a 45 minute wait.  Normally someone would complain but this time we shrugged our shoulders and said "oh, well" ordered a pizza from the neighborhood pizza spot, picked it up on the way home.  We even went as far as to pulling out a board game... AND PLAYING IT! I believe we found how much we enjoy the company of one another. I must add REAL "family" time into our weekly schedule, it's whats been missing in our lives...

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