Sunday, November 29, 2009

Decorate the tree?

My tree is no longer the beautiful tree with the glass ornaments, ribbons, and bright white lights I have come to love and attach to my post cards.  It is now covered in plastic ornaments of all shapes sizes and colors, unbreakable, and good enough to use as necessary for a quick game of baseball by my 4 y/o. 
This year, tree decorating was left to him, I pulled out my plastic box of decorations and let him have at it, little did i know he would use every single ornament in the box along with some others that he found in a bag in the closet!  While hubby, 15 y/o, and I spent the day outside raking leaves and cleaning out the flower beds, 4 y/o sang himself a song as he hung decorations on the tree... Any time i came in to check on him he ran me out of the room.  He said he would come get me when he was done, he did request a boost from hubby for a few of the places he could not reach at the top but my job was to "stay out".... so I did~

When I finally got the okay to come in to view his work, i was in awe~ there are about 200 ornaments on that tree! 4 y/o had dragged a chair in the room so that he could reach the higher parts of the tree and utilized hubby for the areas that were higher than the chair could reach.  My job was to add hooks to all the ornaments that could not be hung (so that they may be put on the already crowded tree)  Hubby wants to know if I am going to make an attempt to fix the tree after 4 y/o is in bed but.... Kids are very observant and I guarentee this 4 y/o will notice if some of his hard work has disappeared from the tree... I'm just glad he took the time to do the work for me while I concentrated on the leaves piling up in the yard!

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