Wednesday, October 28, 2009

when should one post a comment on a blog???

I have found that many people write blogs for a number of reasons; to express how they feel, share their views of life, the world, their artistic side, hobbies, etc... which brings to me my question,

when should one post a comment on another's blog?

I figured, if you happen on a blog and enjoy the material inside, you do one of three things; comment, follow, or move on to the next blog.  I did just that... comment, follow, move to the next blog.  There are a few things I have interest in, making gift baskets for my friends, understanding the teenage mind, family, painting, renovating old spaces (well, watching and helping when needed), along with some others I haven't even started yet... 

Last night, as I sat next to hubby and read countless entries written throughout the day, I stumbled on one;  a happy blogger who purchased a house the was once owned by a grandmother, they discussed the memories and how much they enjoyed their youth there, the author has started to renovate the property (pics were included) and it goes on with the details of the renovation...  Stories like this always catch my attention, especially when there is a history behind the renovation, I love to see the beginning stages of a project right to the finished project.. Being a welder, I have always felt a great sense of accomplishment when I started my projects with nothing more than a sheet of metal or missing sections of pipe and could see the end project after a hard 3+ days of work ..  Inspired by this house renovation i left the following comment:

"can't wait to see the end result!" (and requested to follow the progress)

Today the post was deleted with a note that said, " proud as i am of it (the house) and the work that I have done, it should really only be shared with my closest friends..."

That makes sense... I guess, on a public site, open for all to see.. no, not really- it actually made me feel like a stalker or something... Does leaving a comment on someones post make you stalker like? does it freak some people out?  do people actually post blogs to be shared with friends ONLY (yet make sure the settings are for all to view)?  I guess many people post but don't want comments added to their page, they probably use this as a place to express who they are, their thoughts, and ideas...

Maybe if someone left me that comment I could have read it as... "can't wait to see the end result... I'll meet you there!!!"  Or, "I can't wait to see the end result... so that I can rob you blind of your ideas!" or "I can't wait to see the end result... so I can move in next door and stalk you daily!"  Did I mention I can follow this person on twitter OR check them out on my space???  HOLY CRAP!  I AM A STALKER! (this info is on the blog btw)

Maybe, I should just get over it and continue to write my daily blah, blah, and all that other stuff... but now I am confused on when to post a comment without making the author feel like their words have been invaded, or maybe stalked, or just plain uncomfortable (or something like that...)

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Gabrielle said...

i love my dose of cynthia so i'm catchin up on your old blogs...and now i'm posting a comment...does this make me a STALKER?!?! lol..i think some people are just strange. if it's that big of a deal, make it to where only the people you want to read it can see it!