Monday, October 12, 2009

The water heater (old post dated 6/22/08)

So, late Wednesday night while Lonnie was in the garage working on the motorcycles he comes in the house and says, "babe, i need you to come and look at something" I go out to the garage where I see our water heater leaking water onto the floor. I tell him he has to turn it off (so not to cause an explosion!) and because I'm a woman~ he calls his brother to get his take on the situation.... Needless to say, his brother tells him to turn it off so it doesn't cause an explosion. Can someone tell me why men don't listen to us women? It wrinkles my britches when my husband comes back to me and tells me "THE SAME THING" I just told him~ Does it mean the statement is true because it came from a male friend/brother/uncle/dad? (I love him so!)

Anyway, the next morning as he is working so hard as a network administrator, I am looking for a new water heater. I realize I have to find a way to get it to the house. He arrives at Lowe's and says, "We'll put it in the car" I laugh.... It starts raining, he's able to fit the water heater in the car... I stop laughing. Then he says "We need to buy a truck" (I start laughing again) so we get home and I go to work taking the old heater out and installing the new one. As i am cleaning the threads of the gas valve I tell my husband i need a soft brush~ he brings me a wire brush (and it's NOT a non-sparking wire brush) he realizes this mistake and gets another soft bristle brush. As I'm applying pipe sealant to the gas valve he starts talking to his brother on the phone next to me.... and decides to light a cigerette... I'm not the smartest person in the world, but, I kind of think to myself, the gas appears to be out, I don't smell anything but hey, you never know when you are working RIGHT next to the gas valve.. Sooooo I calmly (and sarcasticly) say "Sweetie, I feel reeeal comfortable with you standing right next to me smoking that 'ciggi' in your hand, I mean I AM only installing a GAS water heater and all" He thinks about this statement and replies "you're probably right babe" and goes outside to finish his conversation. Once I get everything connected and ready for test (test sat) He stands back and says "Good job babe, we work good together" Did I miss something???

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