Monday, October 12, 2009

short vs long hair

soooo, Today I didn't feel like messing with my fro so I pulled the trusty old wig out to wear for errands... WTF is the deal with the hair? It's like I put on hair and become an instant black goddess of some sort. Everyone was especially nice at Walmart, the barista at Starbucks said she loved my cut (I told her it was a wig) she went from OMG smile to a lackluster "oh~" and when me and Lonnie went to lunch at hooters a few men did a double take when I walked to our table, the 2 guys behind the counter pointed and waved and... I'm not the smartest person in the world but the girl who served us not only flirted with Lonnie (for her tip) but she damn near sat on my lap for my order.
Now, in my mind. the afro is the sexiest style any laid back black woman could ever sport but lately I have found that people see unpermed hair and immediately think one of two things. 1) black power/pride 2) Gay----- and we all know that  #2 does not is definately not a secret that I do have my pride (so what my heart belongs to that white guy!!!)

I'm still confused about the whole hair thing, I thought men were into round butts, tiny waists, and round perky boobs... apparently my afro has not only made me blind, it's also made me stupid.
Oh well, I guess if I'm ever feeling I am not getting enough attention at home I can always put on my wig and go out for the day...

This shit is ridiculous (I perfer the number 2 definition for ridiculous in the Encarta dictionary, north america: "completely silly ; silly and amusing" .... ) PERIOD
Enjoy the day~

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