Monday, October 12, 2009

Scary Santa (old post dated dec 15, 08)

soooo, I'm cooking dinner and Landon keeps asking "Mommy, Santa Claus is scary?" and I keep saying "no" and carry on with dinner... I finally look over to see what he is talking about and he has this santa claus in his hand (about 1-1/2" tall) I ask him where he got it, he said out of Cedric's room, and he says again, "Mommy, santa claus is scary?" I say no and he says yes he is... when I ask "Why is santa claus scary?" he says "cause he's black"

I'm confused.... i tell him to bring me santa... he brings it over and sure enough, it's a black santa clause... I know I didn't purchase this santa, and he looks pretty whacked out. Now, mind you Santa is everywhere these days and they all have one thing in common~ they are all white. I think a bit and then say, "sweetie, santa is not scary, this santa has black skin... like mommy's skin" he says "no, this santa is scary black"

I ask to see the santa again, and I ask Lonnie who gave Landon this santa? he looks at it and says "that's a crazy looking santa" and keeps surfing the net. I finally call Cedric in the room and ask. Where did this santa come from, he looks at it and says... "oh, thats mine, it was on the tree last year" (I draw a blank because I do not remember this particular santa on our tree last year) and then Cedric goes on to say. "yea, he was on and off the tree last year, I decided to paint him black and put him back on the tree this year but Landon took him before I could get him on the tree and wouldn't give him back... When i asked, "Why did you paint him black?" he just said "because he needed some color" I don't ask anymore questions. Landon takes the santa back from me and continues to call him scary santa. kids are odd~ pic of "Scary Santa" posted below...

                                                             (giggle, really small giggle)

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