Monday, October 12, 2009

Sam said it... "Don't buy guitar hero! it ruins relationships!!!" (old post dated 5/1/09)

Soooo, several weeks ago I mentioned to Sam that I was going to buy guitar hero for hubby, as I finished putting baby down for the night Lonnie and Brian are having an intense conversation over where to "pick it up" (they have been working on motorcycles for the last few weeks so I'm thinking motorcycle parts..) they disappear at about 8 45 PM and return about 20 minutes later~ guitar hero in tow... they eagerly set it up and commenced the challenge, at abot 2:55 in the morning I am being waken from a dead sleep being told "let's go to bed sweetie" in other words; he got it before I did... At first it seemed harmless, now I find that if I want any time alone with Lonnie I will have to make sure it is nowhere near a house with a t.v or any type of game system that contains "guitar hero" in the sit- on- your- ass- for- hours- at- a- time- and- ignore- everyone- around- you- collection that some people refer to as video games. The funny part is I WAS WARNED!!! I think the exact words were something like... "If you want any time with your husband, DO NOT but that game"

So now my down time consist of watching a television that once contained images of discovery channel/FOXnews/BRAVO and HGTV have been replaced and overtaken by two 30 something men watching primary colored pucks scroll quickly down what looks to be a runway (damn I miss project runway....)
Men... that's all I can say about that~

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