Sunday, October 25, 2009

my morning so far...

~ 6:15 am, was waken by an angry 4 year old who said his eyes were burning because i fell asleep with the tv on last night...
~ can't sleep angry 4 y/o wants oatmeal... "right now!"
~make oatmeal
~pour orange juice
~make coffee
~turn on "monster house" movie for angry 4 y/o
~fall asleep on the couch while 4 y/o watches movie
~wake up to not so angry 4 y/o who needs kisses
~4 y/o asks for a hotdog
~4 y/o asks for a snack
~4 y/o asks for a glass of milk
~4 y/o asks to go to the park
~4 y/o screams when I say "no, it's raining"
~4 y/o wants to watch Tom & Jerry
~turn on Tom & Jerry DVD for 4 y/o
~call hubby to see how tailgate party is going up in Cincinatti
~hang up jealous because I'm not there
~take another nap while 4 y/o lays next to me on the couch and watches Bugs Bunny
~wake up, brush teeth again, blog

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