Monday, October 12, 2009

More colorful words from Landon (old post dated nov 30, 08)

Sunday was for me, the last shopping day before school started. As always, Landon comes to hang out while Lonnie gets some time for himself.

As I am at the counter trying to purchase some items for Cedric. Landon is trying convince me that he needs a webkin that looks like a hairy chef. I told him to put the toy back and he kept asking "mommy, please buy this for me, please" after holding the line up longer than necessary, I tell him if he does not put the toy back I will get his legs. He walks back over to the shelf where he got the toy, throws it on the shelf, and calmly says "mommy, you're pissing me off"

many mouths around me drop, one giggle, and another says "what did he just say???" when I yell and say "Landon! get your butt over here" he asked, "are you going to spank me??" to which I reply "no! I'm going to shake you!" he giggles, I laugh, he leaves the store with a hairy chef.

Damn this kid is good~

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