Monday, October 12, 2009

"Mommy can I say..." (old post dated dec 2, 08)

While putting up the tree today Landon did a quick run down of "Mommy can I say"... I listed those questions below~

"Mommy, can I say; 'what the hell'?" (my answer... NO)

"Mommy, can I say; 'are you f@cking kidding me'?" (my answer... NO, ~yell at daddy if he says it!)

"Mommy, can I say; 'hate'?" (my answer... NO, that's not a nice word)

"Mommy, can I say; 'ass-butt'?'" (my answer... Where did you hear that word? he says daddy, I say NO you can't say that word)

"Mommy, can I say; 'idiot'?'" (my answer... only when necessary, since you are 3 you can not to say that word at all...)

"Mommy, can I say 'stupid'?'" (my answer... NO)

"Mommy, can I say 'What the'?'" (my answer... if you don't say hell... then yes you can say 'What the...')

"Mommy, can I say 'shutup'?" (my answer... NO)

"Mommy, can I say 'yea'?" (my answer... No, you can say YES)

"Mommy, can I say 'spank your ass'?" (my answer... NO)

"Mommy, can I say 'pissing me off'?" (my answer... NO)

My child has learned some pretty colorful words and phrases over the last few months and I am left to come up with more appropriate phrases to use other than the ones heard daily on the commute from daycare to home with daddy (yes, I'm blaming daddy!)

Children are just like parrots, mocking birds, tape recorders you name it... No matter what you say and how much you THINK they are not listening~

They are listening, and learning, and repeating....

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