Monday, October 12, 2009

love bouquet (old post dated 9/11/08)

Since today was an early day, I called Lonnie to see if he would like to meet for lunch, he had already eaten but asked if I could meet him downtown to get something out of his car. Of course I asked, "what is it?" he said "something I got for you" (immediate excitement!) I love gifts given on unexpected days~ to me they they say, I thought about you for no reason in particular...

Lonnie's company holds an arts festival twice a year and every year for the past 9 years I say the same thing... "One day we should actually buy a piece of art".

Today, I received a piece of art by a local artist named Clayton J Singleton simply titled "Love Bouquet"

It's my own personal Love Bouquet that will be forever alive. Thank you sweetie, I truley love the thought, the gift, you...

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