Monday, October 12, 2009

Landon's vocab continues to grow (old post dated 6/9/08)

Yesterday, Landon and I went to Walmart to purchase a sprinkler for the yard. While there, he walked passed the fish in the pet area. Sooo I decided to buy him a fish, well I wouldn't exactly call Bettas "fish", those things can live in any environment. Any who we purchased a red fish and a blue fish and put them in a quaint tank separated by a wall to keep them from fighting one another...

Once we got them in their own little areas of the bowl I asked "what do you want to name the fish?" to which he responds "they are fish mommy" so I suggest "why don't we call the red fish Oodle and the blue fish Noodle?" he says "the name is fish mommy" fast forward to this afternoon~

I'm sitting on the couch with Landon as he is trying to convince me to cook the fish for dinner. I tell them we can not eat the fish we can feed the fish but not eat the fish. I ask "do you want to to call the fish Oodle and Noodle" and he replied "don't name the damn fish" all I could say was.... "ooookayyy". I got off the couch and went to cook dinner.

I'm thinking I should probably stop cussing~

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