Monday, October 12, 2009

Landon's new word (old post dated 5/24/08)

When I picked Landon up from daycare today, I buckled him in his car seat, got into the driver's seat, started the car and before driving I took a drink of water. Landon demanded in his always loud voice, "Give Landon water nicca"
Now I'm not the smartest person in the world but I do believe the word he may have used was ni@@a… For those who know me, this is not a word I use and it is not allowed to be said in my house BY ANYONE! I don't think Cedric uses this word and if he does he has never said it in my presence..
I asked the usual questions when he says something no one in the household says: "what did you say?" "nicca" he responds. I ask "who said that word?"
he replies "Landon"
then I ask "did this person say that word?"
"did that person say that word?"

I ask several more names to all which he replies "NO".
FAST FORWARD: Lonnie is grilling in the back yard. I am standing on the deck and Landon is standing in the door on the steps. Out of nowhere Landon yells "NICCA"!!

Lonnie's mouth drops to the ground and I think he turned 2 more shades whiter than he already is (Irish people are already pretty pale…) any who, he asks. "Landon! What did you say?" to which he says "nicca" with a smile… We go through the whole Q & A session all over again and the end result is the same that I got earlier in the day when I picked him up from daycare. "Landon, who said that word?"
"LANDON" is all he says and starts laughing out loud….
Sooooo, I'm not sure if he is saying the "n" word or something else, 3 year olds are like parrots and only time will tell…

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