Monday, October 12, 2009

Landon learns 2 new words (old post dated 8/11/08)

The vocabulary of children will always grow. They learn new words from day to day interaction with other children and adults, from books that are read to them, television, and the people that are around them.

I returned from a short underway a few days ago to find that Mr. Landon has learned two new words... Not only has he learned two new words, he used them in a sentence! It was pretty interesting to me when he used the first word:

digusting: dis-guhs-ting, di-skuhs- adj/ causing disgust; offence to the physical, moral, aethestic taste. -synonyms: loathsome, sickening, repulsive, revolting, repugnent, detestable, neauseous

Landon's sentence (as I was taking off my shirt) "ooo, yucky mommy, put your shirt back on, that's disgusting"

The next phrase came from one of the many trips to the bathroom at the restaurant to make sure he didn't have to potty. On the last trip before we left the restaurant, I had to potty. I told him to wait for mommy to potty before he opened the door. As I pulled my jeans down and got into the "hover" position, the second new word is used in a sentence that made others in the bathroom giggle:

GROSS grohs- adj/indelicant, indecent, obscene, or vulgar. Slang: extremely objectionable, offensive, or disgusting. Verb Phrase; GROSS OUT (slang) to disgust or offend. To shock or horrify.

Landon's sentece as I hovered: "Eww mommy, that's gross"

I replied, "What's gross???"

He replied, "Your boody, pull up your pants mommy!" and he quickly walked out of the stall to wait....

Kids are soooo innocent when they say things, and should be shaken time to time!


I love the fact that children are so very frank and innocent (wish they stayed that way) without children, what in the world would we (I) have to talk about???

Enjoy the day~

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