Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Instant coffee???

Who would have guess that instant coffee would taste like this???  I was never a coffee drinker, actually never even thought of drinking it.  I met Lonnie October of 1997... He invited me down to Florida to hang out over the weekend.  Barnes and Noble was the one place I had always enjoyed spending my free time, something I had never noticed in B&N was Starbucks... I didn't drink coffee so why would I???

As I looked for a book to read during the time he was at work, he disappeared and returned with coffee in hand (yuk).  Ten years later I have taken on this love for the early morning begal and warm brew while I checked emails in preparation for my day.  Normally Lonnie makes the coffee, he grinds the beans, puts just the right amount into the perculator, and adds the perfect amount of cream and sugar for an awesome cup.
About two weeks ago, Lonnie brings me a card that has a small packet attached to it...

"what is it?"
"It's instant coffee from Starbucks, I brought you one home so you could try it..."
"yeeaaaa, probably not going to happen..."

Instant coffee has never been a favorite of mine and what the heck was Starbucks thinking packaging instant coffee???  On one dragged out morning when I really needed a quick pick me up to get my day going, I decided, it's either try to grind enough beans for two cups, drive to Starbucks for coffee, or boil me some water and hope for the best....  I am surprised to say, I actually enjoyed my instant coffee from this sample my husband brought home for me to try.  Not at all what I expected, it has a bold taste and smells great.  Now when I need a quick pick me up with out the drive down te way, the whirl of my coffee grinder. or the sound of the perculator.  I boil me a small pot of water, pour, and enjoy... I'm hooked.... almost!

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