Friday, October 23, 2009

I"m sick..

Three days ago Landon did not want to wake up.  His skin and it was so hot to the touch, upon taking his temperature (102.2) it was official he was not going to daycare, I was not going to my effective resume writing class, and he was pretty unhappy that I had to wake him up take his temperature.

I gave him a cool bath, tried to feed him, and let him relax for the rest of the day.  there was more sleeping than relaxing, which i didn't complain about.  This gave me the opportunity to get alot of work completed in the house with out having to rush out the door to pick him up from day care.  For the first time, the house was together and dinner was cooked and ready to serve when Lonnie came home from the gym.... this does not happen to often.

Day two the fever fell to 100.2, much better a little more moving around.  I was able to actually get him to put some food in his stomach, offered water he cried for gateraide, hubby said this was okay. so I got gatoraid... red...  A bit more moving, watching television today... definatey feeling a bit better.

Day three... we officially broke 99 degrees!  although he keeps telling me he is not feeling well he has o problem asking me to stop by Kroger for skittles...  I get skittles and he enjoys them on our ride out to the garden center to buy plants for te front of the house.  He is so helpful sticking by the cart, helping me push it, and not running away from me getting lost among the maze of shrubs, flowers, and trees offered at the center.

Today he woke up and said he felt horrible and could not go to daycare.  After taking his temperature and it reading 98.6, I tell him we will have to go see the doctor at the hospital to which he replies, "I don't feel that bad but my body hurts mommy"  This may be true, he has spent the first 3 days in bed.  we go to a meeting with my oldest son's teachers at the high school, I bribe him with the wonderful taste of sprinkled dougnuts from Dunkin Doughtnuts if he is able to sit still for the meeting.  I think he may still be getting over his fever because he manages to sit still... FOR 45 MINUTES!!!

We make our trip to DD, come home and he relaxes for about 3 hours while i work in the back yard.  Comes outside and says he wants to go to the park.  We spend 2 hours at the park, come home play a computer game for about an hour, watch t.v for 30 miniutes.  terrorize oldest brother for and hour, eats dinner and then sits down to watch 30 minutes of Tom and Jerry...  I would say he feels much better, this makes me feel relaxed that I have my rough little boy back to normal!

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