Monday, October 26, 2009

hubby comes home today!

So, I spent the weekend without hubby (with kids) this is something he has done by himself , off and on, for periods of up to 8 months or longer (over a period of 4 years...)  Since I have retired from my first career, I felt it important for him to enjoy every bit of time needed to relax and enjoy time with his friends, motorcycles, garage time, and as always "me" time!  This weekend was friend time, he flew up to Cincinatti to watch Sunday's game with some of the guys from the motorcycle forum.  While he was gone... I was bored, slept like crap which made me super crabby and tired all day, resorted to eating junk (with the kids) vice healty meals he enjoys for me to cooking for him, I did work on my resume... a little... watched the first two seasons of "The Office" a Cake Boss marathon, and read countless blogs right up until the wee hours in the morning.  Well it's Monday~ sweetie will be home at 1 pm.  I am glad to say that he is on his way home... Oh! and he had a really great time!

Scott and Hubby (hubby on the right)

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