Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey, how are you doing?

why do people greet each other with "hey, how are you doing?" when they really do not want to know how you are?

I ask this because I was greeted today with hey how are you. Instead of letting this person walk buy, i decided to tell them how I was doing today (just to see what would happen) It was interesting to see this person really did not want to know how I was doing, they were just being cordial...

I continued to talk about everything under the sun from getting up early in the morning, to how to work out fat around your mid section, to topics about kids... I know this person was not interested but I continued to talk just to see how long they would stand there while went on about "how I was doing" I'm still giggling, and I'm almost positive that person will not say anything more to me next time they make eye contact other than "Hi"

sometimes I find myself saying "hey, how are you doing" but then once they start saying anything other than fine i usually cut them off by walking away or saying "good" and THEN walking away.(no I'm not rude..) I don't really want to know how alot of people are doing, I guess it's a habit when you make eye contact with someone... funny thought to me, and wanted to share~

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